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Should I Get A Gym Membership To Begin My Weight Loss Journey?

It’s become pretty clear that you need to lose weight and there’s not a day to waste. Wait, before you head over to your neighborhood gym, what are your reasons to join a gym? Of course the LA Fitness Prices at the front counter will convince you to “invest” in yourself by going for their top-of-the-line membership, but are you a “gym person?” In terms of sticking to an exercise plan, would you workout more consistently next to your neighbor on the treadmill or in a “non-traditional” class like dance, boxing, or karate? Before you’re suckered into buying a gym membership that you may never use, take some time to figure out beforehand whether it is worth the financial investment.

Three Reasons To Invest In A Gym Membership:

* Do you feel pumped, motivated, and energized by the presence of other people?

One of the reasons why the gym is a favorite among exercisers is the supportive atmosphere. Sometimes it is enough to see others intently working up a sweat on the treadmill to get your butt in gear! If working out alone in front of your TV doesn’t inspire you to get off the couch, getting a gym membership may be just the motivation you need to kick start your fitness goals.

* Variety keeps you motivated!

Gyms are usually outfitted with the latest models in workout equipment from treadmills to elliptical machines to free weights. Building a home gym that has the same variety of workout equipment that you find at your local gym would cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. If you enjoy flying by the seat of your pants – 30 minutes on the elliptical machine one day, 45 minute kickboxing class next, and the following it up with a spinning class – you may be able to stay more focused on developing the habit of daily exercise by working out at the gym.

* Easy access to a personal trainer.

Of course you can always hire a personal trainer through a referral from a coworker or a friend, but let’s face it, gym memberships equal easy access to personal training sessions. A lot of health clubs nowadays are offering memberships that come with free sessions with a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer to help you execute a systematic plan, form and technique, and monitor your progress is always a plus to investing in a gym membership. Who can say no to expert advice?

If you are truly committed to a daily exercise program, long-lasting weight loss results can be experienced within or outside of the gym. If you’re more likely to stick to your weight loss regimen by plugging in your iPod, greeting your personal trainer, and jogging on the treadmill for 30 minutes, then perhaps a gym is the best setting to start your weight loss journey. If the thought of working out indoors bores you – or if you’d rather take a walk with coworkers at lunch – then a gym membership may not be the way to go. Regardless of where you get your cardio minutes in, the important part is consistency. The pros of joining a gym are numerous – from developing healthy exercise habits to shedding excess weight for good.

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