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A recent study by The Association of Private Schools, Inc. (APSI) entitled “The Effect of online home work on Student Academic Achievement,” examined the attitudes of parents, students and teachers about online home work as an educational resource. The study involved the participation of more than 1,100 parents, students and teachers from across the nation. Surveys distributed to the entire sample and focus group interviews with participating students and teachers. The survey also asked questions about whether or not parents, students and teachers were aware of online home work being available, if they considered the research appropriate and what impact their knowledge of the research had on the study.

The most prevalent response from the survey results was that they would benefit greatly from online work. Over 70% of the participants indicated that they would take part in home work if they had access to it, but only a small percentage indicated that they would actively seek out this type of work. The reasons for taking part were varied and included the ability to keep their children from getting distracted while at home, a desire to provide extra learning opportunities, an increased understanding of how their children learn and how they are developing their reading and language skills. Most of the surveys were completed by single mothers, single fathers, African-American single fathers and Latino single fathers. The survey also did not include any responses from students who do not participate in online work.

Students were most positive about the ability to keep their child busy while at home. Students were also happy to find that online home work allows them to continue their studies at their own pace. Many students also indicated that the ability to do online work will help their children learn a new skill that they may need later in life. They also appreciated the ability to save time when it comes to finding ways to supplement their family income. Parents were also satisfied with the amount of time they were saving when working online. The ability to stay in front of the computer is a valuable asset in today’s society. Many students and parents are looking to make use of technology to increase their skills and keep ahead of the game.

Results from the research showed that most teachers found the online research helpful and appreciated the opportunity to contribute their opinions and ideas. The research also indicated that a majority of teachers and parents were unaware of the availability of online home work. In addition, many teachers were not familiar with the many aspects of the online work. including its purpose or its effect on students. The online research also revealed that some students do not feel as if online work provides additional benefits to their education while others feel it does. This study also revealed a lack of information on the impact that online homework has on students’ achievement.

Online homework appears to be a growing trend as more parents become aware of its potential benefits. More parents are looking into using homework as an educational resource, but they also want to know about its effectiveness and whether or not the material is appropriate. Online homework is beneficial to both parents and their children and should not be overlooked. When used properly, online work can be a valuable resource for all ages.

It is important for parents and their children to research the type of online work that will be beneficial to the individual and their families. It is also important for parents to take the time to understand the impact that the research is having on their children and on their learning and socialization skills.

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