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One fine Saturday afternoon you were minding your own business when you receive a knock on your door. You halt your usual potato chip munching session to see who in the world would have the gall to disturb you when you are so busy piling on the calories. You look at the envelope that was slid under your door and you discover the horrific truth: your mother just enrolled you in a year-long gym membership. You reel, you cry, you drop down on your knees because of the insult-you’re a perfectly fit, 290 pound individual that needs no stupid gym to give you unreasonable fitness expectations!

Now seriously, your relatives are probably just worried about you. But if you really don’t want to spend those countless hours pumping iron or sweating away at the treadmill while your money flows out like water from all the energy bars and isotonic drinks that you’re buying. So if you really don’t want that membership to continue, here are a few ways to cut loose:

– Have It Canceled: This is probably the most obvious way to end any kind of ties you have to that gym, and probably the best way to normally go about this business. The worst thing about this though is that you are sometimes required to pay a cancellation fee as well as your monthly dues. You may need to sign waivers and other documents before you’re full steam ahead. So if you don’t mind the momentary hassle, this is the best way to go.
– Wait It Out: A lot of gym memberships have this clause that if you keep you account inactive, they will cancel your membership altogether. In this case, just waiting it out will prove to be the best thing. You get to concentrate on other things you like while the gym admin does all the hard work for you.
– Buy Exercise Equipment: If you want to cancel your gym membership but still want to keep up the health-conscious lifestyle, you can consider buying your own gym equipment. You don’t have to make a veritable gym out of your living space but knowing that you can still be healthy after you cancel your expensive membership is a very motivating thought.

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