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How to Use Beard Oil to Make Your Facial Skin Smooth

Beard Oil is an essential beauty product for both men and women who use it to soften the facial skin under their beard. It also helps to retain moisture in the hair, while giving your skin that healthy, smooth appearance. However, most people find that applying a facial mask to their face after application of the Beard Oil makes it seem even smoother than before. And so we now offer a step by step guide to helping you get the desired effect, no matter what kind of beard you have.


To begin, you will need a clean and oiled beard; this may be more important than it sounds because it can sometimes cause problems for some men if they use a mask on greasy or oiled beards. But with a clean beard, you will not need a mask, as the oil will stay on the face, thus providing a good balance.

The first step is to take off your beard, or shave it if you prefer, using a beard trimmer, or beardo. Next, dip your fingers in a bowl of beard oil, then coat them lightly with a little bit of sea salt. You do not want the oil to be too deep or the salt may irritate your skin or your beards.

Place your fingers in the beardo, massage the oil into the fingers and let them rest there for 10 minutes, while it helps moisturize the skin beneath your beard. When the oil has been thoroughly absorbed by your fingers, gently remove them from the board, rinse and pat dry with a clean towel. You may need to repeat this step a few times to achieve the desired result. This is because different facial masks have different ingredients. You can either apply Beard Oil mask to your entire face or just on areas where you want to get a smoother effect.

The next step is to apply a facial mask using the Beard Oil mask, once you have thoroughly covered the face and neck. Just follow the manufacturer’s directions for the type of product you are using and apply the mask to the face using the fingers. Once you have applied the Mask, simply rinse it off and pat dry your face using a towel.

In case of an allergy or sensitivity to some of the ingredients in your facial mask, use a different one or try another one altogether. However, you should never wash your face before applying your facial mask.