Unlock Your N97 Like The iPhone With This Must-Have Application

by Mike Macias on August 4, 2009

The iPhone and Nokia N97 both have their small yet cool features which make which make the phone more fun and productive at the same time. One feature that the iPhone has is the popular “slide to unlock” function which allows you to slide your finger across the screen to unlock the device. On the N97 the only way to unlock it is by using the switch on the side of the phone or opening the keyboard.  While both of these methods work great, having the iPhone unlock feature would be killer.

N97 Slide To Unlock Feature

nUnlock for N97

That brings us to nUnlock for the N97. It allows you to unlock your phone by sliding your finger across a certain area on the screen just like the iPhone. As you can see to the left the application also acts as a screensaver showing you the time, battery status, bluetooth, signal, and calls/messaging status.

To activate the screensaver you must push either the menu button or camera button, then you can see the information you need or slide to unlock your N97.

Different background images are available to use and also and handful of custom settings that you can modify to your liking.

The developer says,
The coolest homescreen ever for your Nokia.
See everything you need at first glance: easy-to-read time display, indicators of your phone status. Then, unlock your phone with one smooth slide.
background image, font color… Completely configurable!

Since the N97 does not come with a build in screensaver, an application like nUnlock is essential.



Check out this demo video on Nokia 5800…

When This Application Comes In Handy

Ever since I installed nUnlock I use it all the time instead of the physical slide switch. It is especially handy when in the car. I keep my N97 in a car phone holder so that I can use it as a GPS unit. The holder blocks the sides of my phone, making the slide switch unusable. Now I can unlock my phone without having to use the physical switch. Very Cool!

Download nUnlock For N97

nUnlock is available for $3.49. For N97 Fanatics readers! Click here to download the app and start your free trial.

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  • Timi

    Cool and a cheap price. Nice find Mike.

  • khopesh

    What gets me is you still have to slide the side lick to activate the nunlock screen to then slide your hand across the screen to unlock the phone why have to unlock it twice how stupid Tie it to the side lock and maybe it will actualy be functional and worth the $5

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias

    You don't have to use the side lock at all anymore. You can just tap the menu button then unlock the phone with the app.

  • gloscherrybomb

    It would be good if you could use both this method and the physical slide button. Once installed you cant unlock it with the slide button on its own.

  • http://geekinwhite.tumblr.com geek in white

    Clicking the Menu button and then slide to unlock is still two moves. Even when you slide-up the screen (N97), you have to slide to unlock again. I agree with khopesh, if tapping on the screen brings out the slide-to-unlock interface, then that would be worth it.

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias

    tapping the screen, pressing the button. both the same amount of touches. I agree it would be nice if you can just slide your finger over the screen at anytime without touching the screen, but that would be a huge battery drainer.

  • http://geekinwhite.tumblr.com geek in white

    true that about the battery drainer bit mike. i guess it's a pretty acceptable app. i don't have an iphone but if i'm not mistaken, on the iphone you have to press the menu button to bring up the slide-to-unlock screen right? if so then this app is pretty much the same.

    i hope they'll fix that landscape mode slide-up for the N97 though, the slide-to-unlock screen doesn't seem to auto rotate or automatically unlock the phone.

  • khopesh

    Yes on Ipone you hit home then slide you then have the option to add a numeric code to me this is a LOCK.It was not working for me as i have keylockclock installed as this is my alarm/bedside clock also now. pleasent little app why they put a crap plastic thing on the side of the phone and not somethink along these lines is beyond me If i was to perchase this it would be because you can pre program it with a specific pattern so say a figure of 8 so when you hit the menu button you get a blank screen or a wallpaper you do your figure of 8 on or whatever you programed so anybody who picks up the phone cant just unlock iand use it.

  • rob

    how do i actually download this app?
    this ite is V confusing…..

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias

    Do you seen in the article where it says “Click here to download this app”. The last sentence of the article. Here is the link…


  • cjn52

    I've installed and used this app..and find it messes with the camera. If the phone is locked and you open the lens cover, the camera shows the image sideways no matter which way you rotate. The only fix is to reboot.
    Other bug is the app doesn't auto start, even when it is selected in settings

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias

    Thanks for the feedback. I've noticed a few of these bugs also. They don't happen all the time, only sometimes. I'll forward this info to the developer I'm sure he'll get this fixed.

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  • arvindtirkey

    Hi Mike,
    I liked the idea of this software. I also appreciated that you accepted the shortcomings of this software and agreed for its fixture. I tried downloading this software but the moment i click the — Click here to download the app and start your free trial —- nothing happenes. new window opens and says Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.
    Can you give any other link to download this software?
    thanks so much.

  • waqasahmed

    hi mike
    when copy or save a FLV format file it dosent appears in my video menu. i have to go to file manager to see it.
    how can i see it vedio menu?

  • http://www.nokia.fi/ nokia user finland

    spot on khopesh – application doesnt replace sliding the switch, its is rather a expensive peace of software with almost no brains behind it – if youre lucky, there is no virus/trojan integrated like in the rest of all chinese software.

  • http://www.titidirectonline.co.uk/mobile-phones Dual Sim Phones

    nice post

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias


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  • adrianduggan

    As a previous owner of an iphone which i liked, but in a hot bright climate (cyprus) touch screen started to fail. I now have the n97 and am very happy but miss some of the iphone apps. I downloaded this software for a trial..but its not a lock,its a gimmick with flaws. The app needs to offer a numeric locking option in order that it can stop eagle eyed girlfriends/mates etc actually opening the phone. As soon as this software works with pin code and works with tilt then it is a viable consideration.Until then…paying for a gimmick that should be classed as a beta programme is…well..stupid?

  • johnjoewalsh

    Hi! I just downloaded the NunLock application and got a code sent to me. But the code is a seven digit number abd the application calls for an 8 digit number? Anyone knows how to sort it out?

    John Walsh

  • daddy

    I like very much this app cos I have the side unblock switch a bit wavering. So i immediately bought it. The problem is that the physical zoom switch stops working with this app on, the zoom works only on the touchscreen. If i exit the app and restart my n97 the switch starts working again. Maybe a bug?

  • shorty787

    I bought this app couple of weeks ago but havent been able to use it much!
    The only way it works for me is by using the side lock button then swipe your finger.
    I thought this app would be a nice option to not having to use the side lock button (which in itself is very delicate piece of hardware) but no good!

    with this app running i end-up making three touches (if i dont use the side-lock). One on Menu, then click either the Green or Red calling buttons and finally swipe your finger! Pressing the Menu button and swipe has never ever worked for me.
    Its a nice software only if it were to work properly!! :-(

    Anyone thinks i might be doing something wrong?

  • aceedburn

    this app also messes up the callergroup ringtones…all ringtones play as the default ringtone with nunlock installed. the moment i quit the app, all ringtones are as per normal again. using this on nokia n97mini. this is a major bug for me and i've stopped using it since.

  • erytrin

    What is name of the music in the video? PLS it's very nice :-)

  • erytrin

    What is name of the music in the video? PLS it's very nice :-)

  • Mohamed

    Very nice. Working fine.

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  • Johan Pretorius

    nice replacement for broken unlock switch

  • ÆRwin ® ÐCM ™

    absurdo, igual tienes q mover el boton lateral UNLOCKED para que muestre la pantalla, se necesita algo q reemplaze el boton lateral

  • Grace

    where is the link?

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