Theme: Shi Makes Your N97 Look Like A Bloody Mess

by Mike Macias on August 5, 2009

trueblood_posterTwilight who? One of my favorite shows on TV right now is True Blood featuring vampires, shape shifters, a sex goddess, and the humans (sometimes known as Fang Bangers). Before the show it was a series of books that my fiance has been reading for awhile. I was always skeptical of the story until I started watching the show. Check it out if you have HBO or $30 to drop on the 1st season on DVD. Don’t let the kids watch it.

What does this show have to do with my N97? A few weeks back my pal tehk released his latest theme called Shi which is by far his eeriest & creepiest theme to date. The blood red background and black accents fits perfectly when my current addiction to the show. I’m not sure if Mr. TehkSeven watches this show, maybe he was inspired by True Blood. Regardless, this theme kicks ass.

Check out the screenshots from my N97…

Shi On N97


Get Shi

Shi is one of tehk’s premium themes. It costs around $3 for the custom icon version and can be downloaded from here or the Ovi Store.

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