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Post image for Control Your Music with Playlist DJ by Syntonetic

Hello Fanatics! MajorDouble7 here with a look into the Playlist DJ app currently available for free at the Ovi Store, also known as ‘Moodagent’ on other devices. I love the idea behind this application.  It essentially takes your entire music collection and profiles each track individually so that you can listen to specific playlists depending [...]


(you can follow the author on twitter: Since Ovi Files became free recently, I’ve decided to write up a quick “How to” for those of you who are curious to see what it looks like or simply too lazy to try it out themselves! The idea behind Ovi Files is simple: to be truly [...]


Syncing with Ovi on the N97

June 26, 2009

In recent years it has become quite common for users to sync their mobile devices to their computer.  This provides among other tools a great way for users to back up their information in case of a mobile malfunction.  While not always the best software, for the past couple years Nokia has been bundling most [...]

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