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Post image for Ovi Maps beta 3.04 graduates, ready for Nokia N97 primetime!

I’ve been telling you guys to check out Ovi Maps beta for awhile now. Some of you were a little hesitant to try a beta application, but now you have no choice. It’s time to upgrade to the latest official version of Ovi Maps, available right now at or in your “Software Updater” application [...]


n97 countdown timer

Looking for a countdown timer application for your Nokia N97 smartphone? It still baffles me that one doesn’t come preinstalled on Symbian/Nokia phones, but that’s what 3rd party apps are for, right? Suprisingly there aren’t many options for a simple countdown timer, especially if you need one that’s free. Just the other day however I [...]


Control Your Music with Playlist DJ by Syntonetic

March 21, 2010
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Hello Fanatics! MajorDouble7 here with a look into the Playlist DJ app currently available for free at the Ovi Store, also known as ‘Moodagent’ on other devices. I love the idea behind this application.  It essentially takes your entire music collection and profiles each track individually so that you can listen to specific playlists depending [...]

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