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Post image for The Best N97 Screen Protector Only Costs One (1) Penny, And You Get 2

After trying out many different screen protectors for my Nokia N97, I have finally found one that I love – and don’t have a single complaint after about 6 weeks of use. I used to be a big fan of Zagg, but decided to find something that’s a little less pricey. That’s when I came [...]


N97 Bluetooth

Looking for something cool to buy someone or an awesome new gadget to add to your wish list this holiday? Or maybe you want to treat yourself with something that can be useful and fun while doing your last minute holiday shopping. Why not pick up a nifty stereo bluetooth headset for that tech geek [...]


Nokia N97 Cradle, Stand, Charger. Any Suggestions?

August 13, 2009

While the N97 has a wonderful tilt screen which gives users an excellent view of the screen while on a flat surface,  some might be interested in a more traditional looking stand for the N97. While I haven’t found a particular brand of stand, I have found a couple stands that share the same basic design. [...]

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N97 OEM Housing Replacement For Scratched Screens

July 29, 2009

While I know lately there has been a lot of discussion/posts about scratches on the N97′s here at and we’ve had coverage on what can be done to protect against this.  But what happens if you were one of the many eager N97 owners that cruised nude without a protector?  While there weren’t many [...]

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A Gallery Of Scratches

July 29, 2009

This photo gallery is a follow up to last week’s article about screen protectors for the N97 and which to get. I had mentioned that my N97 started to develop very small scratches on the screen which were only visible at certain angles. I didn’t have pictures at the time so author Timi was nice [...]

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The N97 Does Need A Screen Protector After All

July 22, 2009

If anyone tells you that the Nokia N97 doesn’t need a screen protector they are crazy. Including myself. If you follow this blog you’d remember this post I made about a month ago showing off a video in which the N97 is tortured with keys, coins, and other sharp objects and yet no scratches appear [...]

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Get The Original Nokia Car Charger For The N97

July 6, 2009

The Nokia N97 already has great battery life and standby time. But if you’re a heavy mobile user like myself you’ll run through the entire 1500mah battery in one day. I use my phone as my main mp3 player so it’s not uncommon to listen to 1-2 hours of music. During my 1 hour commute [...]

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