Sports Scores On The N97: ESPN Mobile Does The Job

by Mike Macias on August 25, 2009


Finding a good sports scores app for my precious Nokia N97 has proved to be a real pain in the ass. I want something that shows me the scores for a particular team or sport in a simplified member, and I also need the user interface to be big and finger friendly. So far nothing has really caught my eye in terms of an application, but I recently browsed over to from my N97 and was pleasantly surprised with a beautiful – finger friendly mobile version of the most popular sports site in the world. It features news, scoreboards, stats, just about everything you need. The website looks like it was designed for the iPhone but works perfectly with the N97. If you create an account you can even customize your “favorite teams & leagues” so that you can have them on the first page when you arrive at the site.

Right now it’s baseball season obviously so I’m paying attention to the Dodgers. With the live updates feature I get all the in-game stats including who is up to bat and who is pitching, all the way down to balls and strikes. The use of AJAX (enhanced javascript) is widespread throughout the page and implemented perfectly, making for less need to load another web page.

Enough talk from me, how about some action.

Check out a handful of screenshots I compiled from my N97. Keep in mind they are scaled down a bit so the site will look even better on phone’s huge screen.

Left: Tap any game to reveal more details instantly like I have on the Dodgers game.
Right: View details of a particular game.

Scr000011 Scr000012

The Dodgers page on Most of those blue bars below “add to favorite teams” are ajax and do not have to load a new page to view. For instance I can tap “scores” and it will be phone instantly.


Scr000003 Scr000005 

Batter vs. Pitcher in the current game.

Scr000007  Scr000009


It’s Good, But I Want More

While I’m very happy with the mobile site, oh how I wish this was a real application. I long for a customizable N97 homescreen sports scores widget, where I can see the scores from certain teams or leagues. A ticker would be great, updated at a given interval. I’m still shocked that no developer or company has created something like this for Symbian smartphones, especially with the N97’s homescreen widget feature. I’m surprised Nokia hasn’t assisted a company with creating this application, it would be perfect for commercials and ads for the N97. I want a complete application, with notification sounds (optional) and all when my team scores. I would be willing to PAY for such an application. You would make a killing if you threw it in the Ovi Store and charged $1.99.

For now we are stuck with mobile versions of websites, and is the best I can find. Please let us know your thoughts and if you find a better solution.

Visit ESPN

Update: You must visit this link first from your N97 to make site think you’re on the iPhone.

Visit Now From Your N97 or S60v5 smartphone.

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  • MajorDouble7

    Fantastic, Mike…thanks for the heads up.

    Fottball season is right around the proverbial corner, so I know I'll be using their site until a decent app comes along.

    Thanks again!

    MD 7

  • fruitsalt

    thanks mike.
    i have a unrelated question for you, how can you set an alarm on the n97 to go off on specific days at the specific time. for instance i want an alarm to go off on monday, wednesday and friday at 8 am. i tried looking for a way to do that but the alarm clock only gives me the option to not repeat, 24 hours, workdays,daily, weekly. it doesnt give me the options to select certain days for a single alarm.
    and also has anyone else noticed that the alarm on the n97 usually goes off some 5-10 minutes after the time it was supposed to go off, and sometimes doesnt go off at all.

  • Matt Towsey

    Hi Fruitsalt,

    I don't think the internal N97 alarm allow's you to select certain days. However if you download DA alarm from OVI store this gives you more options, you can select certain days only rather than just week days etc. It also gives you a nice digital alarm clock display if your ever travelling etc.

  • Amir B

    I was looking for something like this the other day… Thanks Mike!

  • Amir B

    I was looking for something like this the other day… Thanks Mike!

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