Ovi Maps beta 3.04 graduates, ready for Nokia N97 primetime!

by Mike Macias on May 20, 2010

I’ve been telling you guys to check out Ovi Maps beta for awhile now. Some of you were a little hesitant to try a beta application, but now you have no choice. It’s time to upgrade to the latest official version of Ovi Maps, available right now at Nokia.com/Maps or in your “Software Updater” application on your N97.


What’s New

If you haven’t tried any versions of the beta then you’ll probably notice some of these updates more than those who have been keeping up with every beta version like myself. Nokia says it’s “faster, better, more personal”. Check out the updates:


Every day, over 80% of you that are using Ovi Maps in online mode find your position on the map. Now we made it faster and more accurate: our engineers optimized the process of acquiring the location and added Wi-Fi positioning in the mix. Now you can locate yourself faster and more precisely, no matter if you are in a mall, on the street surrounded by skyscrapers or driving on an open highway. Wi-Fi positioning is a work in progress and it will get better and better as more people use it.

The second major change done under the hood was related to graphics performance when zooming in and out of maps, panning and tilting.


Every day, more than 50% of you using Ovi Maps in online mode search for places and addresses. And during these months we worked hard to make sure that we increase the number of places that can be found. And we are happy to tell you that today we have more points of interest that you can find across the globe, consolidated from NAVTEQ, Lonely Planet, Michelin, local Yellow pages companies like Telegate in Germany, Cityvox in France, Yell in Spain and Yellow Pages in Turkey.

And what I really love… Own Voice:


With Own Voice, you can now make Drive navigation your own. Record your personal voice commands or ask a friend, your kids or your better half. And if you want, you can share it with the world. Your voice can help millions of people find their way. Isn’t this cool? Your voice on millions and millions of Nokia devices.

You can also discover and use what others have created. Since launching 2 weeks ago, over 4000 voice packs were shared by you with the world via Own Voice.

Navigation has never been this personal or fun for that matter. Just head to ovi.com/ownvoice to get started.

Complete? I’d say so!

Free driving directions, custom voices, better POI search, offline maps, social media location sharing, weather, movie times, events, etc. etc. I would say Ovi Maps is finally a complete package.

Download Ovi Maps

Go to nokia.com/maps to get the new Ovi Maps release. You can also find it in the “Software Updater” application on your N97.

  • leonardo linden

    O bad…. I do de upgrade of ovi maps and then his crashes and reboot cel phone every time that I try to open the maps application..

    suck suck nokia suck symbian suck n97…. nothing works plenty….leonardo linden

  • Christian Eichholz

    hey hey hey…calm down!
    the only thing you have to do is, go to i only know the german word “standort” then “bestimmungsmethoden” and then deactivate “wlan/netzwerk”!
    then everything works great!

  • http://www.hamcityheadquarters.com MajorDouble7

    Great article Mike…sorry, I guess I didn't get the OwnVoice article done quick enough! hahaha =)

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Maybe if real life slows down a bit I can actually start contributing again!

    MD 7

  • http://www.flickr.com/q8phantom/ Ahmed

    To solve that problem my friend go to settings then application manager then to installed apps.
    Find all the applications that starts with OVI then uninstall the one that have the name similar to ovi maps network wlan.
    I hope this work for you as it worked for me,

  • Sue

    When I try to update Ovi Maps on my phone software updater, I keep getting a message saying “not enough memory – delete some data” – but I have 29 GIGS in mass memory and 73 MB on phone memory. I even tried deleting data – all of my videos, email messages, and many photos (even though I had enough memory), to no avail.

    When I tried to download the new map app via Ovi Suite (I have the latest version), the new Ovi Maps version does not show up at all in as an “update.”

    I have tried to download the new Ovi Map app the new Ovi Maps via the web, but is simply points you back to your phone, to download via your phone software updater (and I get the not enough memory message). I guess I have to use the old map app? My N97 has the latest software.

    I always have problems like this with this stupid, expensive phone and wish that I had never purchased it.

    Thanks for listening,
    A very annoyed US Customer.

  • leonardo linden

    oh yes, removing this ovi maps/wifi the maps app dont crashes again…
    but ? all comon users will find this way ?

    Thanks a lot.

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias

    Hi Bryan,

    Don't worry about posting. Just do it when you can. We do miss you around here! Hope you are doing well.

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias

    Hi Sue,

    This installs to the phone memory. Are you sure you have 73mb available? That sounds kinda high. You dont need to delete videos and pictures because all of those are stored on the mass memory.

  • Lenny

    i had same problem until i deleted Nokia Maps, a 6 mb file in c drive. works now

  • Magdialafifi

    ovi maps r amazing :) ))
    but since i downloadded this new update i lost weather.events and lonely planet..
    not sure if that was the reason or the hard reset i did..

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