New N97 Facebook App From Nokia Beta Labs

by Mike Macias on September 2, 2009

facebookNokia Beta Labs has been silent for a good while but today they have released a new Facebook app for the Nokia N97 and N97 mini. I’m not sure what their goal is behind this “Social Messaging” application, but at least we get a new option besides the junk Facebook widget that came installed on the N97. Props to Nokia for trying to keep up with social networking but can’t we have just ONE solid Facebook app. Maybe this version will be the solution.

From the Beta Labs team,

We are pleased to announce that Nokia Messaging is expanding with the Social Messaging beta. This new client is the start of what will become the multi-community social networking client. As a part of Nokia Messaging, we expect operators to offer email, IM and in the future, mobile social networking all for one fixed low price. Be sure to visit the email site to set up email and Instant Messaging on your Nokia device. We continue to add support for more devices and communities in all parts of Nokia Messaging. This is an early preview release straight from the Messaging Labs. Today, your feedback on what you like and need will help us deliver the product you want.

Key Features:

  • Contextual homescreen widget – jump directly into posts to comment
  • Post your thoughts and photos from the camera or gallery
  • Communication choices – choose how you want to respond to a friends post directly from the post (e.g. post a comment, call, SMS, or send a message)
  • Share your current location in a post or in a message using Ovi Maps; view friends’ location
  • Support for the N97 and 6700 classic. More device support coming


n97 facebook n97 facebook status

Video Demonstration:

Nokia – Why Use The C: Drive?


It’s one thing to force us to install this application on the C: Drive. That’s not the bad part. Trying to figure out why this application took up so much space I found the reason. It downloads and stores the images within the application as thumbnails on the C: drive. Every photo you see of your friends in this app is saved on the phone memory. What the hell?

More Initial Thoughts

  • Nicer to use than original Facebook app, much smoother.
  • Calendar functionality will be added in future updates.
  • Homescreen widget is very slick.

Will I Keep It On My Phone?

I don’t know. Seeing as how I’m down to 14mb on my phone memory, probably not. Keep in mind this is a beta application and not meant to be a final version at all. The Nokia Beta Labs team is really good at listening to user feedback so hopefully the phone memory issue will be fixed in the next update. Be sure to leave them your feedback.


Head over to Nokia Beta Labs to read the download instructions. Be sure to check out a few other applications they’ve recently added for the N97. They have another app called Lifecasting which gives you more Facebook functionality, this time focusing more on location. We’ll talk about those in another article.

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  • talv

    need new firmware to try it out :( cant wait to try it out i was thoroughly disappointed with the Symabook beta so fingers crossed that will eventually provide us with something to rival the iphones latest FB app

  • Name

    I tired it, I like it, but I removed it because i thought it was weird to have a squillion photos in my gallery, and on my precious C:/ but I will definately be back to this in later stages of beta, or when it becomes release. I have missed notifications and the option to like. also location on posts is cool. can we get facebook chat added like iphone fb?

  • Amir B

    The whole “saving-thumbnails-to-gallery” bug the biggest reason why I uninstalled it! The software has potential but we'll have to review it when it comes out of beta. Its a nice step forward thought!

  • Matt Towsey

    I think this app has potential, however the image download issue is a real killer. Plus I kind of like the app that came pre-installed in that it gives you up to date status updates on the homescreen rather than having to scroll through like the new app. Still kudos to Nokia labs, they're putting new apps out their and have listened to us in the past.

  • wolverine2031

    my personal fave application of the N95 was easy reject and cant wait for it to be released for the n97.. :) )

  • MaRuL

    i'm on the latest firmware but somehow i can't even log in to it! it just keeps saying “loggin in” for ages!

  • Bhairav

    hey there….
    can you please let me know which file explorer's screen snap that is. I need a phone explorer where I can see the individual file size like the one posted by you. After installing this communities app, my phone memory has become clogged…suddenly I find meself with only 3 mbs…from around 50mb. I have uninstalled the Communites app, but my phone memory is still crazily full.

    Can someone please please help me.
    beggin yalll

  • Amir B

    It's Lonely cat Games' X-Plore.

    Mike already did a post on it a while back, which you can read here:

  • E

    You want to here what I have to say? Stop putting 3rd party applications In the Flash rom and using up my ram god dammit! I'm replacing Quick office the first chance I get. Fuck you for forcing me to buy it!I hate this application. When documents to go releases a version i want it the hell of “my” device and i want to be reimbursed. I'm paying almost $1000 for this RAM deprived crap and you have the nerve to force me to pay for a RAM hogging POS application? I also don't use Boingo, the unit converter or Maps. I prefer Sygic GPS.

    Another thing that's really got me pissed is the fact that we have no Avi or divix decoder. “Look” you idiots. AVI & Divix are two of the most popular formats used today for movies & videos. Thats why every computer comes equipped with a divx encoder now days & Most DVD & blue ray devices a decoder. It’s a common format! What the hell else do you think I'm going to use that 48GB for? Word documents? You sure this is a mobile computer? It certainly is not acting like one.

    & BTW, I deleted the Ovi store first. If I wanted an iphone I would have purchased one!

    Rant off..

    Look Nokia You have a wonderful Opportunity here to trump the i-phone and you’re blowing it due to petty greed. you think by locking us into doing things your way you will make money. Maybe in the short term it will work but not for long. Your pathetic RAM footprint & lack of AVI support will be your downfall. People are talking. Take the freaking corks out your ears because this is definitely my last Nokia device. I just got it and am already searching for something else.

    Nope.. Not a single dime from me ever again. You can take that N97 mini & N900 and shove it up your arsses. I don't want to ever see the name Nokia in my house.

  • sam

    How do i download the facebook app for my n97????

  • sam

    How do i download the facebook app for my n97????

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