The N97 Transformed Me Into “Mr. Proactive”

by Madoda Hlongwane on June 8, 2009


Mike at Nokia Conversations recently got the N97 and he reckons that the phone met all his expectations. He is basically saying that the phone has transformed him into “Mr Proactive”. This follows after the question he posed in December 2008 whether the N97 will change him or not. He was basically referring to this question regarding “anticipation vs. reality” when it comes to new phones.

He argues that “my mobile behaviour is very different to that of how I used my N95 8GB or E71 which I’d been using only for a couple of months before making the switch to the new N97”.  He reckons that the biggest changes he has underwent is his approach to messaging, that he is now doing tons amount of SMS, MMS, Email and Twittering. The most significant is that he is now composing “full-blown emails proactively” (I think we can now see where the name “Mr Proactive” comes from :-) . He attributes this change to “…the combo of killer keyboard, large screen, fast set-up (of email)…”.

In conclusion, he makes mention of the fact that he is now “…using all of my favourite apps far more than before – I’m Twittering more regularly via Gravity, using Maps more casually and in more frequent proactive communication with my four most contacted friends sat in my custom Contact Bar”. He argues that the fantastic homescreen, the widgets and touchscreen “…transformed me into a more proactive mobile user”.

Please go over to this link for the full review.

Have you already layed your hand on the fantastic N97? Why don’t you tell us what are your first impressions? If you’re still waiting for yours, what are your expectations, do you think it will also transform your mobile experience? Please tell us your thoughts and opinions. I personally also think that the fantastic N97 will revolutionarize my mobile experience :-)

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  • Mike Macias

    Great article Madoda. I find it most fascinating that he mentions he's writing full blown emails proactively on the N97. I'm hoping that I can reach the same comfort level as Mike did when I get my N97. Even on my E71 I'm hesitant to write long emails – and that is the best phone keypad I've ever used. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the tilted screen making it a lot easier to just focus on the text you're writing rather than dropping the phone since most phone's keypads are normally the same angle as the screen. I still haven't got my hands on one – so only time will tell…

  • Andrzej

    I write games reviews with my e71! thats like 1000 words lol

  • Andrzej

    I write games reviews with my e71! thats like 1000 words lol

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