N97 Homescreen Widgets: Quite A Few Will Come Pre-Installed

by Mike Macias on May 21, 2009


One of the major selling points of the Nokia N97 is the new homescreen widget functionality. We now can have ultimate customization on our homescreen with the world wide web feeding us our favorite information in real time. This has always been something that was missing from earlier Nokia smartphones like the E71 and N95. If developers start creating N97 homescreen widgets in mass this can really be jackpot for Nokia and their loyal fans.  I’ve always wanted to be able to glance at my homescreen and see the score of the hockey game along with information from the last goal. No need to click anything at all, the info would be there and constantly updated. As you can see in the picture at the top of the article Frienster, Myspace, and Facebook widgets are a GO! for the N97. I’m not sure all of those widgets will come preinstalled, but thanks to a few good finds we know that a good handful of widgets will be out of the box.

This morning I came across this article by Mark Guim at The Nokia Blog where he commented on a N97 preview that he found and shared it with his readers. The article mark was referring to was by Lester Chan who recently got a first hand look at the N97 and gave us some details on the homescreen widgets that will come installed on Nokia’s flagship device.

Lester says,

There will be a few applications that is catered specially for the Singapore Market and it will be included in the default package at launch time. Applications include Straits Time, Golden Village (GV), SG Buses and a taxi application.

But that’s not it. Check out the image that he posted right after that comment…

n97 widgets

Image by LesterChan.net

The screen shows some of the widgets that are slated to be preinstalled. If you can’t see the image they are:

  • Share On Ovi
  • AccuWeather
  • Facebook
  • Straits Times
  • Singapore Stock Exchange
  • Soccer
  • Reuters
  • Bloomberg
  • Hi5
  • Amazon
  • AP News

Very nice list we have there! I’m hoping there is the possibility to add your own RSS feeds as well. That would be killer.

Are you as exited as I am about the N97′s homescreen widgets?

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  • wont download again

    i accidently deleted facebook app and it wont let me download it again how do i get it back i really want to know ive tried everything thanks

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias

    It's in the Ovi Store.

  • Name

    I accidentaly deleted amazon app and I cant find where to download it again. thanks

  • Name

    I accidentaly deleted amazon app and I cant find where to download it again. thanks

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