N97 Firmware Updated To Version 21

by Mike Macias on February 1, 2010

Finally, we have version 21.0.045 firmware for the Nokia N97 available. We’ve been talking about this release for a few months now, and it came a month later than expected.

According to Vaibhav from The Symbian Blog, there are a few noticeable changes as shown below…

 This update builds on the improvements brought by the previous v20 (PR 2.0) update and will improve call reliability and provide a better touch scrolling experience. The web browser and music player also get improvements; the new firmware also promises improved image and video stability.

A new theme is supposed to be included as well. If you have a screenshot of it send it our way!

My twitter pal @MickyFin posted this update about the new firmware today…

@sloanb Loving mine mate. Its transformed my N97 into what I always wanted from it. Watch vids on YT, Gravity, and more, nothing closing.

Right now the firmware update is only available via NSU, meaning you must update from the computer. Over the next week it’s supposed to be available over the air if you can wait. I’ll be updating tonight and letting you know my thoughts in the comments below.

  • http://www.hamcityheadquarters.com MajorDouble7

    Well I'm sorry to hear that it's already taken a fall! But I'm glad you are happy with your phone. As much flack as the N97 seems to catch, it really is a remarkable device. I am very satisfied and happy with mine. I haven't had nearly the amount of problems that everyone mentions. Half the time I think it's just operator error :D

    By the way, I've dropped mine twice now from a significant height, causing the battery and cover to fly off and the keyboard to pop open…and everything's working fine. Nokia has always been known to make solid, durable phones. The N97 is no exception.

    MD 7

  • cjn52

    Hey there…what is the “charger trick”? I've had 3 wsod's and had to do the 3 finger trick, which is a pain…

  • cjn52

    I had to delete the profile and add it back..worked no problem

  • aidenskinner

    my software is still at v 12.0.026 ive been on this since i got it in october! ive tried for ages to try update the softwarebut i can never find it on nokia software updater and pc suite never works either..wot can i do?

  • Zham

    My phone in Sweden that is unbranded is still stuck on 12.0.026, I have only tried update from the phone after pressed *#0000# and got message: no updates available.

  • http://www.hamcityheadquarters.com MajorDouble7

    You should definitely try to update via Ovi Suite. Firmware updates aren't always released via Over The Air (OTA) from your phone. You have to connect your phone to your computer, run Ovi Suite, and select 'Nokia Software Updater'. There you will find any updates available.

    MD 7

  • Rich_C

    Here you go. Works for me 100% of the time (still haven't had to do it for 2.1 yet – fingers crossed):

    1. Turn off your phone.
    2. Insert charger.
    3. Remove charger right after screen lights up.
    4. Wait a couple of seconds till screen turns off and just after that
    5. press power button.
    5. After standart vibration notification just put your charger in.

  • BT

    Well just updated to 21.0.045. after i exited the software updater my phone will not turn on, all i get is the vibration notification then a black screen. anyone else with the same prob?

  • cjn52

    Thanks! I alsop hope I don't have to that again. I believe the problem is having certain apps on the mass mem that should be on the phone mem-such as google maps..free Isms..

  • NinjahhKittehh

    Hey guys. just wondering if anyone can tell me how well the internet is on the N97 (just using the standard browser) when connected to wifi. i have no wifi so i have no idea. and im really curious.

  • Zham

    I went to europe.nokia and entered my product code I got this message (I do not show my product code):

    Latest available software for Nokia N97, product code XXXXXXX
    Version: 12.0.026

    Compare numbers
    If this version is greater than your current software version, update now to get the latest features, applications and improvements. Go to Nokia Software Updater download

  • cjn52

    It works extremely well & fast. Go somewhere where there's a hotspot to see for yourself

  • handsi

    Dan – I had exactly the same problem….go to the Nokia website, search for Nokia Maps (its changed its name) download the N97 MINI version to your PC (for some reason you cannot download the N97 version), connect your phone to your PC and shove it on the E: drive. When it has installed, it goes to your C: drive (you have no option) and it is LARGE (9MB)…it also adds a couple of other files that you can remove (sharing location, etc)…which are also a few MB. You can then also delete the original OVI maps (which is on your C: drive and is 5MB).

    Once completed check your SW updater and it should delete from the list on uninstalled apps, though it will still be in your history as failed.

    For info, I have had NO problems with the N97 MINI version.

  • rohit

    i hv got d new update..its good..speed s improved n touch input also. let c wat othr feature will imprve

  • dbanzon

    when can branded phones get the update? can anyone with the update email it to me?

  • formulawork

    I have sent in my N97 for repair 4 times in the last to months. Just bought it for 4 months. Changed mother board, battery but still had the same problem. Phone refuses to switch on. Its like it had gone dead. What a 'remarkable' phone by Nokia

  • formulawork

    In my freeze white screen case, even charger doesnt help. It goes on and on in turning white and goes blank, when the phone is put to charger

  • formulawork

    You have been lucky MD7. I have sent in my N97 for repair 4 times in the last to months. Just bought it for 4 months. Changed mother board, battery but still had the same problem. Phone refuses to switch on. Its like it had gone dead. What a 'remarkable' phone by Nokia.

    I used to use E71 and never had problem with it. Switch on and off does all the trick in a 'freezed' situation. Not in the case of N97. It doesnt switch on!!

  • formulawork

    Guys, I have sent in my N97 for repair 4 times in the last 2 months. Just bought it for 4 months. Changed mother board, battery but still had the same problem. Used firmware 20, 21 along the way. No difference. Phone refuses to switch on as it wishes.

    Dont i deserve a new phone? How long Nokia Care Centre wishes to torture me???

  • http://www.hamcityheadquarters.com MajorDouble7

    That's a real bummer, mate. Sorry to hear the about the troubles you've had with the N97.

    Hard resets don't work for you? If not, sounds like you got a lemon, and you need to have it replaced, not repaired.

    MD 7

  • formulawork

    Nope. Hard reset was too mild. I tried and Nokia shop did the same thing. It didnt work. Probably there are some hardware issues.

  • http://twitter.com/jdebruin Jan de Bruin

    I am in South Africa and my Nokia N97 still have the v12 firmware. I've tried to update on the phone but no updates are available. I've also tried to update via the internet but the Nokia website indicates that there are no updates availbale for this product code: 0584965.

    Is there any reason why the firmware updates are not available for South African Nokia N97 users or is there a way to obtain it?

  • NinjahhKittehh

    Hey Guys.
    So I've had my nokia N97 for roughly three weeks know.
    and i've finally come accross a problem. not a huge one. mostly just annoying.
    i have roughly 640 odd songs, but in my music library it only shows roughly 620. i have refreshed, both on the phone. and then connecting the phone to my computer and refresh it there.
    i am unsure of what to do. if anyone could help that would be great!

  • rhobe

    Hi all! I'm a quit dissapointed N97 user. My phone hangs on me almost all day. I Unlock the screen but it doesn't respond. After a while, if i touch the screen 2 inches below my finger will respond but then doesn't do anything either. Only buttons that will function are the power and camera button. After let say, 20 minutes it starts working again. Phone is currently on 2.1 and been hard formatted a few times, noting works..
    Does this sound familiar to anyone?? please let me know!

  • Necros87

    have a read of this, if it is the same, its a hardware problem


  • http://www.hamcityheadquarters.com MajorDouble7


    I have recently run into the same problem (after updating to v21). I swear I had 20 or so songs more than what is showing on the music player right now. Since my track count is closer to 1700, it's hard to determine whether songs are missing or are simply not being 'counted'. In any case, I plan on backing up my latest data and doing a hard reset on the device (which isn't a bad idea to do after a software update…I did it after I got v20 a while back).

    It will most likely solve the problem. But remember, when you first access the music player, it takes quite a long time (I think at least an hour or more) for the music player to refresh all of the songs, so don't use it or interrupt it in any way (just in case it affects the music count again).

    Hope that helps,
    MD 7

  • Andrew

    im an aussie, and my firmware was 11.0
    im currently updating it too 20.0

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias

    Use the warranty people! I sent mine in for repairs last week and tomorrow I will get a replacement in the mail. Here are the problems I listed for them:

    1) Does not charge, respond to usb.
    2) Weak GPS signal.
    3) Camera lens scratched (again).

    I can't wait to get the new N97 tomorrow and try out this firmware. I've been using the E71 for a few weeks and dying over here with the tiny screen.

  • http://www.hamcityheadquarters.com MajorDouble7

    Hey Mike,

    Let us know also if the lens cover issue is fully fixed, or just the same
    cover…would like to know if it's worth me shipping out from Mexico!

    MD 7

    ——- Original message ——-

  • NinjahhKittehh

    Hey MD 7!

    can always count on you for a reply!

    i have recently added more songs to my beloved N97.
    and from what i've gathered im missing 9 songs in total.
    my music player is saying 714. my computer is saying 723. but its almost impossible to find out witch songs are “missing”

    im going to do the hard reset as suggested. as soon as i figure out what that is and how. haha. im pretty sure its on this site somewhere.

    thanks for the reply!


  • http://www.hamcityheadquarters.com MajorDouble7

    Forgot to mention! You can certainly find it on the site. There's an article by EverythingBlaxx titled “So You Want to Reset Your N97?” Search for that, you'll find it easily enough.

    MD 7

  • niallb

    Mine's an unbranded phone and while it says v21 is avail, NSU only updates it to v20. AND my GPS is now broken, so is the compass :(

  • niallb

    Still having the same issue – tried using NSU this time, and while it now reports that its got v20, the phone still says its on v12. (oh yeah, and the bl00dy install still seems to be failing)

  • rodrick

    Question (need a symbian app):

    I'm tired of keeping count of how many times I've had to take out the battery and restart my N97.

    So, I wias thinking, there might be symbian program that kicks in whenever the phone freezes and open a wireless connection, and post a message in Twitter saying: N97 of rodrick just crashed for the N times.

    N is a variable that should be replaced with whatever value is stored in N97's storage.

    If you happen to know the availability of such program please let me know.


  • V21 Update Problem

    Mike, I updated my N97 last week to V21. but now when i start the phone it gives a “system error” message and the clock got set 2 hour before the time that i had in my phone before the update and I cannot access neither the clock (or alarms) nor the calendar… also with a “system error” message every time i try to open these applications. I tried reinstalling the update, however the problem persists. I would greatly appreciate your help, advice or guidance.

    Best, Federico

  • rodrick

    Nokia is responsible for making Symbian 3 available for N97.

    That is the only way to fix the damaged reputation of Nokia (scamming users with false advertising for a product that was promised to be worth the cost, N97; which at its current state is a crap compared to iPhone and Android).


  • http://www.hamcityheadquarters.com MajorDouble7

    It sounds to me like you should give the hard reset a shot. Search this site for EverythingBlaxx's article titled, “So you want to reset your N97?” or something thereabouts.

    Hope your problem gets fixed.

    MD 7

  • n1k


    Does anyone know if there are plans to role out the new symbian ^3 software on the Nokia N97?

    I'm still waiting for the v21 firmware to be available on the '3' network. Can someone be so kind as to list all the new features and bug fixes on the v21.


  • Dewald

    Hey Jan, I'm also in SA. I don't think the local operators can be bothered to make the updates available. Read back on the posts made regarding the previous (v.20) upgrade, and you will find instructions on how to change the product code. This worked for me, and I've now upgraded to v.21.

    Good luck!

  • Barry

    Debra, somethings wrong then i'm also on vodafone uk and have been running the v20.0.019 software for a good few months now.

  • Rachet

    Singapore finally got the v2.1 after months of waiting… Damn…. So long W.E.F. 03/03/2010.
    So get it people!!!!

  • mikepap

    im on vodaphone and they suck at getting firmware out in time.

    does anybody know when or if we will get firmware 21

    also if i changed the product code would the update work?

  • payam

    Im with swisscom … there is no update atm >_> damn it … waiting for about 3 months now and ve already changed my product code a long time ago … but still nothing >_>

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