Memory Reorganizer Helps To Clear Up Space On Your C: Drive Instantly

by Mike Macias on December 22, 2009

n97-memory-reorganizer Is the C: drive on your N97 being crunched for space? Thankfully Nokia released a software update that quickly reorganizes some system files and throws them on the mass storage drive. The update can be found in the Software Update application along with a few other updates that you might want to install.

Once you install the update all you need to do is run it from the Apps folder. The process took about 10 seconds for me and then the app removes itself when the task is completed. I managed to recover about 6mb of space on my C: drive. That doesn’t sound like much but it helps considering I was already down to about 11mb remaining.

Some people are also reporting more free RAM. I haven’t noticed this in my case, but the smartphone does seem a little more stable.

I’m curious to see how much space is recovered from everybody else’s Nokia N97 C: drive.

  • c,eichholz

    did you see that more space without a hardreset?
    because i have not seen any more space after running this update.

  • Mike Macias


    No I did not have to do a reset. Did you run this application from the Apps folder after you installed the update? If not look for it and click on the “Reorganizer” application. It looks like a normal app.

  • erwiensamantha

    before run the “Reorganizer”: 44.5M
    After runs the “Reorganizer”: 50.2M

    nice :)

  • Hodge

    11mb for a v20 handset seems quite low Mike, network software?

    Well worth doing a hard reset after isntalling v20 I rarely drop below 50mb free now. This app managed to clear me 2mb though so I'm now upto 55mb free.

  • Tarek

    In my case it barely gave me 3MB of free space!

  • c.eichholz

    lol..thanx..but who should know that??
    but now i have 4 mb more space!

  • rilkeanhearts

    Mine went from 18.0 M to 28.8 M

  • froschy

    I got back about 2MB but rather than make me happy it has really annoyed me that because of a very poor design decision on Nokia's part they are now having to muck around with these silly software fixes to get a few MBs here and there when they could have easily put double the NAND memory into the N97 in the first place. I can't help feeling that no matter how mature the firmware for the N97 gets it will always be crippled by this lack of c: drive space (RAM too)

  • Matt Towsey

    Hi Mike, shame this did not arrive before i traded the N97 for the N900. Seems like Nokia have realised they have to try to improve the C drive on the 97 for it to be more stable and user friemdly.

  • handsi

    Not sure what I am doing wrong here….my wife's phone has 10MB left and I downloaded the update (though it had a slightly different name), but I could not find the app or an update file anywhere on her phone….and as for my phone, I only have 7MB left and could not even see the update! I am intrigued as to how previous posters have got 50MB on their C: drives.

    Just to confirm…when people talk about hard reset, is this more than just turning the phone off then on again?

  • MajorDouble7

    To learn more about hard resets and what it means, read EverythingBlaxx's article here:

    Good luck!

    MD 7

  • MajorDouble7

    I honestly didn't check my “before C drive space”, but now I have 46.6 MBs free. I think it was right about at that spot before if I'm not mistaken. MAYBE it was as low as 42, but I kind of doubt it.

    Anyway, glad that Nokia is at least trying to help us out on the C Drive issue. Surprised that something like this is even offered. Nice touch.

    MD 7

  • chrisaus

    After doing a hard reset and running the program I currently have 50.3Mb free after a couple of days. It didn't seem to do much in regards to the RAM.

  • Dukdalf

    I went from 43,4 to
    45.5 MB in appr. 80 seconds.

  • walkerr

    Mine went from ~ 26mb to 34mb

  • Hodge

    When I talk about a “hard reset” I actually mean doing the Shift+Space+Backspace bootup sequence to format and reflash the phone memory. This clears out unused system files from v11/12 updates that a 7370 leaves behind.

  • Xell

    From 35.6MB to 43.7MB

  • MajorDouble7

    I've done that once…shortly after updating to v20 a while back. It definitely cleared out some old junk.

    MD 7

  • handsi

    Thanks for the points on hard reset (I'll try this tomorrow morning!).

    Back to my other question…why can I not see the reorganiser option on my wife's phone app list….and why cannot see the app at all in my sw upgrade list….?

  • marcioab

    Hum … I do not get this Memory Reorganizer 1.0 in my list of available upgrades. Am I missing some pre-requirements ? By the way, I'm not on v20 firmware – my phone code does not entitle me to that. Thanks

  • davidjr

    Same here cannot see Memory Reorganiser in my list of updates either

  • kiwibob

    I ran the application the day it came out, and gained 10 Mb, Then I later uninstalled the uninstall application. So the app reappeared in Updates. I downloaded it, ran again, and gained another 5 Mb.

    So it seems that running it every so often is a good idea.

  • anonymous

    got an additional 12 Mb!

  • ido

    I dot See the Reorganizer in my update list .
    any one knows why ?

  • audioxbliss

    went from 10MB free to 16.6 on C:

    i really need to do a hard reset tho :/

  • marcioab

    Are you on firmware v12 ? ( just trying to understand if there is some relationship with the firmware ).

  • marcioab

    Are you on firmware v12 ? ( just trying to understand if there is some relationship with the firmware ).

  • marcioab

    “Be great if the web cache could go onto the E: drive….but I suppose that is another topic.”

    Yep. Looking forward to know how.
    By the way, it's kind pathetic we struggle with memory space having a phone with built-in 32 GB!!!

  • handsi

    OK….I cannot see Reorganiser…but to be honest having just cleared up the phone using the hints and tips on this website I am not that fussed: I have cleared my web cache, done a hard reset, and put all of my apps onto the e: drive (as many as I can….I use Mail for Exchange and QuickOffice both of which refuse to go onto the E: drive…which loses me 5MB)….doing all this in itself took me from 7MB to 39MB….

    Also found this on the Nokia website: 'After upgrading to version 20.0.019, release some phone memory by installing the update package “Memory reorganiser” if available'

  • davidjr

    custom version
    Three tell me I cannot upgrade to V20 without voiding my warrantee

  • Anonymous

    mine went from 64 to 128 mb

  • marcioab

    Well, I learn that for some N97 codes (mine included), it's better to stay on v12 than v20.
    Anyway, it seems this application is for v20-only.

  • Daniel

    When I'm taking photos inside, and the flash is used, the side of the photograph is white (50% transparent though) which fades in to the photo. I only realised the flash is in the spot, where the photos are turning out like this. Is this a flaw in the phone, or just a problem with mine? I think that's bullshit if you can't take a proper photo inside (or use the flash), without it having white on the site. I can upload a pic if you like, to show you what I mean…?

  • ido

    Yes it's a shame …
    Nokia really *ucked it up with the flash
    along with a lot of other things :(

  • MajorDouble7

    It's a common problem (unfortunately) regarding the lens cover; it
    scratches that portion of the lens, thus causing refracted light to flood
    your images. There are replacements available for the lens assembly, but as
    far as I know, they still get scratched (eventually) by the faulty cover.

    There are also those who prefer to just remove the lens cover all together,
    leaving the lens exposed at all times, but preventing the constant sliding
    motion of the cover that causes the scratches.

    I have heard of a possible 'quick fix' solution that I've yet to try, but
    sounds promising. One guy said he took a very fine marker (think of
    Sharpie's ultra fine point pen) and simply created a line along the inside
    edge of the 'bottom half' of the flash area that's closest to the lens
    (this edge exists because the flash area is slightly recessed from the rest
    of the phone). It may be a bit difficult to explain via written word, but
    if you do some digging you can find the article/blog I'm talking
    about…he's got pictures.

    MD 7

    ——- Original message ——-

  • fredriko

    I went from 8Mb to 22Mb in 3mins.
    Question: My parents have a WLAN at home that is MAC-encrypted, can anybody tell me how get hold of my IP-adress etc to get connected to their network? Thanx

  • fredriko

    I went from 8Mb to 22Mb in 3mins.
    Question: My parents have a WLAN at home that is MAC-encrypted, can anybody tell me how get hold of my IP-adress etc to get connected to their network? Thanx

  • Ian

    *#62209526# (*#mac_wlan#) displays the MAC-address of your phone

  • eva after

    i just did this to my phone and i recovered 18.1MB of space on my c drive thanks a lot

  • fredriko

    Thanks, Ian!

  • calumroberton

    Hi, just used the soft ware updater and it didnt find the recogniser is that because its not out in the UK yet?

  • Debra

    Erm I dont have this update available? I'm having NOTHING but problems with my damn N97.

    Flash problem with the scraped lens cover
    Paint all but completely off the RHS (i have the white one)
    Still on V12 (vodafone)
    Hangs constantly
    If turns off refuses to restart for maybe half an hour at times….

    And nokia don't wanna know…I'm close to launching the thing off the wall now!

  • annoyed

    Same. My N97 is a piece of crap.

  • Sandy

    After running the App, the system status doesnot show any statistics at all except for Mass Mem. Any idea any one

  • johnhutson

    Thats really odd. Since having v2.0 I don't have Software Updater under Applications (or anywhere I can see) – how do I get going with this?


  • Mike Carroll

    I loaded it on my N97 and it drove the phone wrong. Took me half a day to straighten it out again )c:

  • M. von Rotz

    I got 20 MB more Space after reorganising memory, but then I lost 1 MB every day, in the meantime I've onle 9 MB – too less for Nokia Maps: The software doesn't work again. Is it possible to get the memory organizing software again (it was uninstalled automatically)

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