In A Bad Situation? Are You Sly? Get A Fake Call & Do A Little Acting

by Mike Macias on October 1, 2009

317ASP879-43301682Once in awhile you come across one of those apps that are fun and useful at the same time. The same folks that brought you nUnlock (remember that unlock like iPhone app) have something brand spanking new called ByeByeCaller. You know those times where someone starts talking to you face to face and they won’t shut up. Or maybe you’re in an awkward situation and just want to get the hell out of there. You can program ByeByeCaller to start a fake call to your phone after a certain amount of seconds. When the call starts simply excuse yourself because it’s an important call ;-) and be on your way.


It is really easy to use:
just start the application, a fake phone call will be activated after a delay (configurable, default is 30s). You can set the caller’s name/number and operator name, also you can choose whether to vibrate or blinking during the fake call. When the fake call starts, press the red button to stop it.



Personally I’ve already used this application a few times. Like I said it’s quite fun to use and useful at the same time. I get a call and pretend it’s my boss asking me to come into work and get some overtime. Never fails.

Be sure to restart your device after you install it. I had a glitch that didn’t work until I restarted my N97.


Click here to get the free trial. If you decide to like it you can buy it for $4.99.

Be sure to check out other cool N97 apps by Think Change including Fingerprint, nUnlock, and Magic 8 Ball.

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  • Ravindra

    Hey hey,this is bad right!!!
    But truly everyone come across such situations………So justified!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suywhyler

    An Australian phone carrier offers this service at a charge, so how dandy is this, especially if you come across an amphetamine addict, you don’t want to tell them to fuck off.

  • hz

    have 1 a registration code for me ?

  • hz

    have 1 a registration code for me ?

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