How To: Set Up Ovi Files On The Nokia N97

by benjezzy on July 23, 2009

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Since Ovi Files became free recently, I’ve decided to write up a quick “How to” for those of you who are curious to see what it looks like or simply too lazy to try it out themselves!

The idea behind Ovi Files is simple: to be truly mobile, one needs the ability to have all of his files at his disposition without having to carry them around on a physical medium.

Ovi facilitates this by granting the user unlimited access to all the files on the computer, when the software has been installed, through the use of its web interface; this means that the service is not restricted to a mobile use, you can connect from a PC. This means that you can connect from another computer outside your home network (your workplace or university for example) and still be able to access your files.

In addition, Ovi files let you connect to more than 1 PC if needed.

Now to the fun stuff: How does this work? Ovi files relies on 2 components :

-The PC software: you install this software on your computer. You can download it HERE for Windows and HERE for Mac.

-The Web Interface: you use this to connect to the service online which can be found HERE and accessed by phone or PC.

You log in using your Ovi details, the same you use for the Ovi store or any other Ovi service. (if you don’t have an Ovi login, get one HERE)

You might of noticed that to connect to Ovi Files through the web browser will ask you quite a few times if you want to accept security measures. Nokia have hidden (don’t ask why) a nifty little widget that will facilitate your Ovi Files experience. It can be downloaded HERE.

This is what Ovi Files looks like on a Nokia N97 using the widget:



The overall experience is enjoyable and reliable even if its a bit on the slow side.

Definitively a must have! I will soon update this post with more detailed information. Stay tuned and/or follow me on twitter!

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  • MickyFin

    Can you install the widget to Mass memory, or does it force install to Phone Memory?


  • Amir B

    Hi MickyFin, you can intall the widget to your mass memory, it won't force you into installing it to the (scarce) phone memory.

  • artfors

    I cant find the mac connector

  • Amir B

    Hey artfors, you can find it here:

  • xello

    I've been using this “Orb” software to remotely access my pc's files, it sounds alot like this Ovi file browser, and i can stream movies and audio etc. Any comparisons with the two?

  • Mike Macias

    I don't think Ovi can stream movies or audio. I believe it's only downloading. Do you enjoy Orb? Is it fast?

  • xello

    It's easy to set up and the file browser is very fast, browsing / loading and streaming all depends on your network speed though obviously, and for video the bitrate especially. On a strong HSDPA connection i can stream video between 2000 and 3000k without many problems :)

  • Amir B

    I have tried Orb a couple of years ago but the software was buggy and the features quite limited. I'll definitely give it ago this weekend and sum up the experience on a quick blog post.

  • walkwithme

    Nokia is shooting itself in the head by not supporting Linux. How arrogant is it possible to be. I bought a N97 to my wife, but will sell it because so many Nokia services are tied up to Windows. Either they must support commom OS or they must write it as WEB applications or in Java. Whem you fail on this then there is not much hope…

  • Stephen C

    Nokia don't have to support Linux at all. The choice is theirs. They choose to support platforms that have a significant desktop market share. Trying to support all the different Linux distros would not be cost effective. As for making them use Java… Give me a break. Java is a pig in itself.

    And yes, I use Linux. Have done for many years, both personally and professionally. But just like I understand I need Windows to play the games I like, I also understand that economics dictates I need Windows to get a full featured desktop suite for my phone. Eventually, you learn to stop complaining and just accept that until Linux has a significant desktop market share, its just not cost effective to waste development time on it at the moment.

    It sucks, but thats life.

  • ADSL Viettel

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  • ADSL Viettel

    Thanks, just what I was looking for. Thanks so much…

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