Happy New Year From The Fanatics Team! Free Theme & Blood Alcohol App

by Mike Macias on December 31, 2009

Happy New Year all of you fanatics! 2009 brought many good things to the mobile world, and I’m sure 2010 will be even better. Since the launch of the N97 this device has been through many ups and downs. It was so highly anticipated by everyone. Then when it finally landed, the horrible lack of RAM and no kinetic scrolling was a major buzz kill. A few weeks later the issue of a scratched camera lens came up and really gave the launch of the N97 a black eye. Since then Nokia has addressed these issues with firmware updates & warranty replacements/fixes. Those who held onto their N97 are probably content with their purchase like I am. Yes, you have to give it a little extra TLC but it’s worth it considering the near perfect form factor and build quality. With that said, we’d like to share with you a very nice New Years theme & an application that can come in handy for those who plan on bringing in the New Year with a few drinks.

2010 New Years Theme by Pizero

Why not celebrate the new year with this great theme called 2010 by Pizero. I think it looks absolutely incredible on my N97, and it even features the popular 7 icon set by TehkSeven. Take a look at how it looks on my N97 homescreen:


Festive right? I absolutely love the 2010 logo. Click here to visit Pizero.net and download this New Years theme for your N97.

Drinking? Don’t Drive! Get The Blood-Alchohol Application For Your N97

drinkordrive-n97It’s always smart on a night like this to either get a designated driver or pass out wherever you are partying. No need to put your life at risk and also those on the road. But in case you do have to drive, be sure to make sure your BAC (blood alchohol concentration) is below the legal limit. For most people anything more than You can do this by downloading the DrinkOrDrive application in the Ovi Store.



Thanks to the fellas over at Ovi Daily App, you can check out a detailed review of the DrinkOrDrive application. Here is an excerpt from the review:

DrinkOrDrive, a mobile app for Nokia touchscreen phones, can help. Based on your size, weight and what you’ve recently had to eat and drink, the app gives you a graphical Drive/Don’t Drive rating. If you merit a Don’t Drive warning, the app also tells you how long you should wait before driving.

When you launch DrinkOrDrive, you first select metric or imperial measures, and then enter your weight, height and sex. Next, you select the Drink menu to record your drink’s capacity, drink type (beer, liqueur, wine, etc.), and time — now, X minutes ago (where you enter a value for X), or a specific time.

While this application obviously has no gurantees, it at least gives you an idea on whether you should risk driving or not. If you actually have to check this application tonight, you may as well call a taxi.

Click here to download the app or search for it in the Ovi Store. DrinkOrDrive costs $4.99, not a bad price considering the consequences.

Have a safe & happy new year everyone!

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