Get In The Holiday Spirit With Santa Clause On Your N97

by Mike Macias on December 22, 2009

The most popular holiday of the year is only two days away. Have you finished all your shopping yet? Considering that this time of the year can also be the most stressful… sometimes it’s easy to lose your “christmas or holiday spirit”. Thanks to the fellas over at ThinkChange you can try to get that warm feeling back with Xmas Avatar.

What is Xmas Avatar? It’s Santa Clause walking around your homescreen or anywhere on your Nokia N97. The screenshot to the right pretty much explains it all.

Buy Xmas Avatar for $4.99 here.

Give A Xmas Gift From Your N97

You can also send people xmas cards via MMS with the Xmas Gift app by ThinkChange.

xmas_2 xmas_5

Click here to buy Xmas Gift avatar for $4.99.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Now we can just hope the next N97 firmware update arrives before the new year!

  • c.eichholz

    lol..a nice idea but it costs a lot of battery life :-)

  • MajorDouble7

    Great suggestions, Mike!

    But I think you've been watching too many Tim Allen movies…When referring to the Mythical Gifter it's spelled without the 'e' ! ;-)

    Have a happy non-denomination seasonal celebration!

    MD 7

  • Alex

    Another way to crash your N97 hahaha

  • Alex

    Another way to crash your N97 hahaha

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