Free N97 Application: Egg Timer Touch Lets You Countdown The Minutes

by Mike Macias on April 6, 2010

Looking for a countdown timer application for your Nokia N97 smartphone? It still baffles me that one doesn’t come preinstalled on Symbian/Nokia phones, but that’s what 3rd party apps are for, right?

Suprisingly there aren’t many options for a simple countdown timer, especially if you need one that’s free. Just the other day however I came across Egg Timer Touch by Offscreen. It’s a very simple app, but extremely handy. I wasn’t able to capture a screenshot of it because somehow the application disables a screenshot from happening.

Warning: If you try to minimize Egg Timer Touch with the red “end” button it will close and you’ll lose your countdown time. Just double-tap the menu key to minimize it.

Click here to download Egg Timer Touch at the Ovi Store or search for “egg timer touch” from your N97′s Ovi Store application.

  • MajorDouble7

    Thanks for the heads up, Mike, and way to go on keeping up with the articles. I know you must be a busy guy after your wedding!

    I need this app, I'm definitely going to go check it out…also Offscreen always makes quality (if simple) apps for the N97 touch interface.

    MD 7

  • NinjahhKittehh

    Hey MajorDouble7

    I've turned of my n97 because the phone wasn't receiving the text messages it was supposed to.
    and while trying to turn it back on. it has frozen on the NOKIA screen, (the blank white screen with nokia written in blue letters across it)
    i have turned it of and on again (via pulling ut the battery) and its still frozen in the same place.
    was wondering if you could give me some advice.

    also last week when i was charging my phone. i unplugged the charger out of the wall before pulling it out of the device. and the device was still charging. was wondering about your thoughts on it.

    these are my first problems with my phone. so im nervous.
    hope to hear from you soon.

  • MajorDouble7


    Sounds like you need to do a hard reset to your phone. Look for
    EverythingBlaxx's article on this site called 'So you want to reset your
    N97?'. He's got great details and advice about how to go through the
    process. One thing, as I'm not sure if it's mentioned in his article, but
    there are 2 ways to hard reset. You'll have to do the one that requires you
    to push (and hold) the power, shift, space and delete buttons until the
    screen turns white. Everything on your phone memory will be gone, so
    hopefully you have a recent backup (or at least a recent backup of calendar
    and contact items). Everything on your mass memory should still be in tact.

    As for the charger, it never hurts to unplug it from the phone first,
    especially if your country is anything like Mexico, where the eletricity
    grid is a bit unstable at times (lots of surges).

    MD 7

    ——- Original message ——-

  • dsphenom

    NinjahhKittehh do you have a micro SD card in the phone? I know mine caused the same problems you are mentioning and I had to remove card, power on phone, insert micro SD card and then format the micro-SD card using the phones file-manager for it to all work.

  • NinjahhKittehh

    Hey MD 7

    Luckely today i plugged my phone into the computer before i did a hard reset (witch would have resulted in my loosing roughly 200 photo's and 1080 songs) and it connected. so as we speak i am transfering it all to my computer. then i will do a hard reset. and put it all back on again.
    Hopefully all will be well after i do that.

    Luckily now all that will be lost is a few contacts (witch is easy to get back) and my calander. but thats ok. =) the thing thats going to be the pain in my bum the most is renaming all my songs considering i just finished doing it. hahaha! oh well gives me something to do.

    if theres anything else you think i should do to help my phone run better. and more smoothly. please let me know!

    thanks so much for all the help!

  • NinjahhKittehh

    Thanks for the reply comment Dsphenom

    i did pull out my sd card and sim card and the same problem still occured.
    but if you read my latest comment to MD 7 you will see atm. i am (hopefully) able to fix it.

    hahaha. lets hope this works *fingers crossed*

  • NinjahhKittehh

    Hahaha, Got It Working =D

    Thanks MD 7



    GREAT. NOW AT LEAST I CAN PUT MY N97 IN THE KITCHEN! (instead of on the floor).

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