First-Person Shooter Game ‘Toon Warz’ For N97 Comes to Ovi Store

by MajorDouble7 on March 4, 2010

Hello Fanatics!

MajorDouble7 here with a look at the new First-Person Shooter (FPS) game ‘Toon Warz’ by Polarbit now available in the Ovi Store.

Although ‘Toon Warz’ is an FPS game, the name itself suggests that it isn’t extremely violent like other games of the same nature.  Yes, you are shooting the bad guys, but they are rendered with huge heads (giving a ‘toon-like’ appearance).  That along with the ability to turn off ‘blood effects’ makes it suitable for younger gamers.

A Video Showcasing Toon Warz

courtesy of tommyforslund:

What’s it Like?

The great thing about this game (and indeed the company behind it, Polarbit) is that we are finally seeing some games that make full use of the tech inside of the N97.  The graphics are great for a phone, the User Interface (UI) is great for a phone, and the entertainment is great for just about anything.

It may take a little bit of time getting used to, but the UI really is a good solution for this type of game.  You have the move/strafe ‘joystick’ on the left, and an open, invisible ‘pad area’ on the right for looking around.  You can also tilt your device to the left or right to turn in that direction while you are walking/running.  There’s a fire button for whatever weapon you have selected, and a weapons selection screen on the top right where you can scroll through your armaments.

The thing I like best about this game is the simple fact that it’s a worthy FPS game right on my phone.  Too long has the field of mobile games been populated by snake and tetris.  Now we are starting to see some real worthy games that are not just fun to pass the time, but can also impress.

The Best Ever?

There are a few buggy things about the game, however.  Most of them are small issues that can easily be found in FPS games on larger platforms.  For instance, some small steps require you to jump over them, rather than just letting you walk over them; The ability to fire and either walk or look around isn’t extremely convenient, and if you are in mid-run, you must at least stop for an instant before you can start firing.  One other thing I noticed was the complete lack of any explanation about being able to turn right and left by tilting your device.  I thought for sure the game was a bust when out of nowhere my ‘guy’ started slowly turning to the right.  Seriously, it took me a while to figure it out.  Once I did, it made all the sense in the world, and I can navigate a lot more easily now.


Overall, Toon Warz is a fantastic little game…because it’s on your phone.  I think, honestly, the real reason I love this game is because it shows what mobile games can do, and what they will soon become.  Aside from that, it’s fun to play, it looks good, and it’s worth the money if you like FPS games.  It was available for free for a short while in the Ovi Store (no doubt to generate some awareness), but has since gone to a paid app.

It is available now from the Ovi Store for approximately $1.99 USD

Until next time, Fanatics,

MD 7

  • Bleeter

    USD$1.99 = AUD$6.60? At today's exchange rate, USD$2 is about USD$2.20… I'm really not convinced of the price in Australia. OK, so $6.60's peanuts. But I still can't help but think the sweet spot would be better off near $5 including taxes. Nokia would still be on a large markup, with prices competitive to other app market places, and remain attractive to limited income people (eg, kids with pocket money, low incomers buying their first smartphones on a plan, etc.)
    I know it's not this app's fault, happens quite a bit here in .au, figured I'd take the opportunity to rant a bit as I previous got this game Free and noticed it's price after reading your review ;)

  • Mike Macias

    Awesome looking game! It's about time we get something this nice for the N97. I wonder how this affects RAM, or the lack of, of my N97. If I run this game will it close out Opera Mobile? I'm guessing yes, but hey what can you do?

  • MajorDouble7

    That's a bummer, Bleeter, and I feel your pain. The game actually cost me 24.99 pesos, so I'm only guessing at the USD cost. Who knows? Companies seem to like to charge us more for everything down here in Mexico…hahahaha…

    Good luck with the AUD!

    MD 7

  • MajorDouble7

    Hahahaha, I hear you, Mike. Not sure about RAM hungry Opera, but I have played this game for long periods with Gravity and Profimail running in the background (both of which are installed on my C Drive, by the way).

    MD 7

  • Bleeter

    24.99 pesos is about right. I've used as a currency converter for years, they were one of the first majors online to offer a service (from last century!). It's saying USD$1.99 is 25.30pesos. You got a good deal there!

  • NinjahhKittehh

    Hey, the games looking pretty good to me! i havent been able to find many that are suitable to play on my N97. although i have found Sally's Salon witch i love playing, cant say you guys would like it very much. haha! its full screen and completely touch screen, haha.

    Nice update MD 7!

  • MajorDouble7

    Thanks for the comment, Ninjahh…

    Trying to get out some more articles! Unfortunately 'real life' is keeping me busy! Haha.

    Thanks for reading!

    MD 7

  • Anup Sonawane

    i loved the game toonwarz that is why i am begging polarbit company to make 2nd part of it or toonwarz 2

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