DeviceInfo Widget: All of your N97′s Useful Information In One Place

by benjezzy on July 18, 2009

Most of the important and useful information concerning your phone (IMEI, firmware version, MAC number, storage space) are already on your phone but are often either buried deep into the settings menu or are accessible by typing codes (for example *#06# for IMEI number of #0000# for the firmware settings).

The new DeviceInfo widget is a practical widget which regroups most – if not all- of this information and displays it with a neat, simple and colourful interface.

It also includes a features to check for new updates. The widget is free, but fell free to donate to the authors if you would like to show your appreciation. Details on the download page.

The DeviceInfo widget displays:

Storage space
Battery status
IMEI code
WLAN Mac Address
Phone model
Firmware version
Product type
Bluetooth status
Vibration status
Autolock status
Autolock timeout
Screensaver timeout

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Download Here

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