Dark N97 Theme: Is Your Phone Sketchy?

by Mike Macias on August 18, 2009


Do you ever get sick of classy and professional? Don’t get me wrong I love a clean theme, but sometimes I come across one that makes my device feel fun and carefree. Mr. Sauromatum has created a theme called “Black Sketch” which makes the entire Symbian UI powering your N97 feel like it was drawn out by hand. Add to that a great contrasting color set – black and white – and you have yourself a very plain yet creative theme.


Despite all the scratchy lines I’ve yet to find any bugs in this theme.

Personally I use the version with the default icons since I like having uniformity and the custom icon version doesn’t have many 3rd party icons I use.

Check out a few screenshots from my N97:

Scr000005 Scr000003

I’ve been using this Black Sketch on my black N97 for a few days now and absolutely love it. I would also love to see Mr. tehkSeven steal this idea and create a sketch version of his own someday ;-) I’m sure it would come out fabulous.

Click here to download this free N97 theme.

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  • swestar

    Looks kickas, somehow softer on the eye than the conventional straight line S60 5th ed theme.

  • felipehummel

    I never like to look like a newbie. But is there a option to put qwerty keyboard on the screen?
    Mine just has Alphanumeric and handwriting input options.

    Nice theme by the way. I'll sure check it.

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias

    Hi Felipe, no option for qwerty keyboard on the N97 screen, sadly. I wouldn't use it too much but I know many who say they would.

  • felipehummel

    Well, I am asking because in the screenshot of the theme, a qwerty keyboard appears. This theme is also for another phone?

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias

    Oh yes, that is for the Nokia 5800xm. It doesn't have a real keyboard. But still, it can't hurt for Nokia to add it to the N97.

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    nice theme

  • http://www.titidirectonline.co.uk/mobile-phones Dual Sim mobile phones

    nice theme

  • sprakenheim

    hey there.. i was wondering.how can i download this theme?

  • http://sauromatum.com/ Sauromatum

    Hi, nice to see my work on the net!
    Just to let you know, my site has moved and you can now find this theme at http://sauromatum.com :)

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