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by MajorDouble7 on March 21, 2010

Hello Fanatics!

MajorDouble7 here with a look into the Playlist DJ app currently available for free at the Ovi Store, also known as ‘Moodagent’ on other devices.

I love the idea behind this application.  It essentially takes your entire music collection and profiles each track individually so that you can listen to specific playlists depending on your mood.

Here’s a quick explanation on the Moodagent software from their website:

What is profiling?
A: When Playlist DJ (or its Moodagent software) goes to work, massive signal processing analysis creates extremely granular ordered information sets on music tracks that can then be clustered or compared in any number of ways (e.g. by mood, genre, instrument, beat, sound, decade, etc). So every track it encounters has a profile, and because of that you are able to create playlists based on a given mood or other variable. If Playlist DJ does not know your music, it will deep profile the track and get to know it.

What, then, is deep profiling?
Deep profiling is profiling of music that is not recognized by Playlist DJ. If Playlist DJ finds unknown music, it will look deeply at the music file and get to know it. At present we can only deep profile files in the preferred Nokia format, MP3 (not WMA, AAC, M4A or other music files due to the Nokia phone operating system).
What makes deep profiling so smart is that after you have profiled an unknown track, the profile for this track will be available not only to you, but all users of Playlist DJ.

The great news is that Playlist DJ seems to work pretty well.  I had several albums worth of music that needed to be deep profiled.  When the profiling was complete they all fit right into the category/genre/mood that they belonged.

Some Positives:

Playlist DJ is great for exactly what it claims to do:  creating playlists that coincide with your mood or preference.  There are four sliders that control what kind of playlist you want to generate.  I’ve got a couple of screensnaps to give you an idea:

And here’s another screensnap of what those icons mean:

Just a couple more ‘snaps to show you how accurate the sliders are (relying on the fact that you are familiar with the music shown of course):

So Playlist DJ works as advertised.  It’s great for those occasions when you want to keep the general ‘feel’ of the music in a particular category.

A few more bonuses:

  • If you are listening to a track in the native Music Player, you can open Playlist DJ and a new playlist will be generated based on the song currently being played.
  • You can save the generated playlists; they get saved right alongside your other playlists in the native Music Player.
  • You can search for songs to create a playlist around that particular song; even better, you can search band names or album names, something that cannot be done from the ‘All Songs’ category in the native player.
  • Although there is no ‘hide’ button, pressing the red ‘end’ button will hide Playlist DJ and your music will play in the background.

Some Negatives:

Although I love the concept of this app, and have used it several times, I have a wish list for the future:

  • All playlists generated with this app are only 25 songs deep, no more.  This means that you have to refresh the list by selecting the option to create ‘Playlist of similar songs’ when you reach the 25th song.  Keep in mind that there is no memory of played songs, so if you do create a new playlist to keep the mood going, you may end up with some repeated tracks.
  • I wish there was more integration with the native player.  Actually, I wish that Symbian had something like this app in its native player.  When using Playlist DJ, your track/album info doesn’t show up on the homescreen widget.  And although Playlist DJ will automatically create a playlist from any song that’s playing in the native player, I have to manually pause the native player and start the song over in Playlist DJ to enjoy a string of similar songs.
  • I mentioned that the red ‘end’ button will hide Playlist DJ and play the music in the background; obviously that sort of a thing is a must.  What I believe also to be a must is the ability to browse your music while a song is playing.  Currently, while listening to a song via the DJ app you cannot return to the playlist screen and choose a different mood/tempo to start next after the current song is over.  You have to ‘exit’ the player screen to see the playlist slider buttons, which stops the music.  Never stop the music!!   :)

The Verdict:

So you can’t really use Playlist DJ for say, a party or something because you’ll soon play through the 25-track playlist it makes.  But it’s a great app for the drive home.  I’d like to see some of the improvements I mentioned above, but afterall, this is a free app, and I’m sure it works quite perfectly for most people.

Download Playlist DJ from the Ovi Store here.

Until next time, Fanatics,

MD 7

  • MajorDouble7

    Oops! I forgot to mention another little negative point (not huge):

    The app doesn't support landscape view; and when you search for music, you can't use the physical keyboard.

    Bummer, but again, not a huge downfall.

    MD 7

  • CristianStar

    Very nice application indeed!!

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