Contest! We’re Giving Away 5 Free Copies Of nUnlock – The “Slide To Unlock” App

by Mike Macias on August 9, 2009


Last week I showed you guys a very handy N97 application called nUnlock. It allows you to unlock your N97 just like the iPhone by sliding your finger across the screen. Click here to read more about it if you haven’t already. The developer was kind enough to give N97 Fanatics 5 free copies of nUnlock so we can run a contest. Joining the contest only takes a few simple steps. I will pick 5 random entries by using a randomized name selector script so everyone has a chance to win.

How To Win

1) Just leave a comment below with an article request you’d like us to cover here at N97 Fanatics. It can be any topic that you’ve been itching to learn about on your N97, and even application requests for us to find and review.Make sure you use a valid email address when filling out your comment.

2) Download and install a trial of nUnlock onto your Nokia N97 or 5800xm. Trial gives you 10 free slides so you can test it out. Use this link.

No double entries!

Nokia 5800xm users are welcome to join!

The contest will close on Monday, August 10th (tomorrow!) at 7pm PST. That’s 26 hours from now.


UPDATE: The contest has been extended 24 hours and 5 more people can win. We are now giving away a total of 10 licenses!
The contest is now over. Results will be posted at 7pm eastern on August 12.

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  • danwall

    It would be great to get a guide for setting up and using the podcasting application and configuring automatic downloads while in the home network etc so that we can keep up to date with our favorite shows.

  • Sheryar

    1. Well as n 97 is all about connection to internet , can u please come up with some real good apps that help in getting the wi-fi connection going , all that are presently available are of commercial nature and one of them is really horrible one that comes with n 97 the BONGIO, its a real terror.
    2. Also can u suggest any good dictionary for this device.



  • wadi

    I would love to see a guide on how to change product code to unbrand a vodafone N97.

  • peteding

    It would be good if you could come up with a newbie guide for N97 with tips on the “must have applications”. The tips can incude setting up wi-fi etc

  • roryh

    I would love to see an article on why Nokia seems to be failing badly with the Ovi Store… Can it be that hard to create a repository of applications? I'm literally astonished at the lack of variety available for the N97 on Ovi store.

  • Kerry Clayton

    I'm loving my new N97 and I would like to learn more about web feeds and how to upload photos to twitter & facebook x

  • P-Y Calmettes

    I'm hopping for several reviews of the different case and accessories for the N97, It would be really great ! :D

  • Amir B

    I could do a post on that but you do realise you lose your warrenty? :(

  • scarydoc

    An articel about messaging clients for the n97. For msn and the lot. I tried to do some research to find a good one but in the end i got confused and gave up. The usefull ones i found wanted me to make another account with them to be able to use my msn account i already have wich i didn't want to do.

  • dj990

    i would enjoy seeing some good websites that provide games and apps (also flash games ) .
    Here is a good 1 :

  • dwummers

    I love N97 FANATICS!!!!!!!

    I really do :D

  • dacoolguy

    I would enjoy seeing a guide for n97 games that use all the latest technology fully (eg accelerometer, camera games- like mosquito game etc)

  • Eduardo Kalinowski

    An article with the best 10 tips (or 20, or any other number) or not well known tricks would be nice.

  • cashuar

    I think you should cover on how to share files via home network and view them on your N97 – maybe anywhere in the world. EG photos, videos and music.

  • brunomartinez

    How about a post telling when full kinetic scrolling will be avaliable for the N97?


  • Tom Patton

    I would like to learn about ways of freeing up more RAM on the n97.

  • Name

    How pathetic: An application that emulates an iPhone. I thought N97 was supposed to be the anti-iPhone. Now it's clear that it's just another iPhone wannabe.

  • Mike Macias

    Sorry “Name”, it's a completely different phone, not even close to a wannabe. But sometimes other products get things right, and this is one of the few things the iPhone does have right.

  • kit08

    I would love to see an article about converting DVD/movies to a format and size that is playable on the N97. I had this process down with my old PalmTX, but now that I've upgraded to the N97, I'd love to know how to take my movies with me.

  • felipehummel

    I would like to see a review of Personal Finance (or similar) apps. I don't think there is anyone especially made for N97, but 3rd edition may have some great apps.
    Another thing I would really pay for is a way to play .flv videos. Converting everytime really sucks =


  • FragMage

    I woud like a guide on how to free up ram on the phone and a guide on some browsers

  • Timi

    Good Luck to everyone!

  • @nt1

    A speedy typing competition between multiple full QWERTY Nokia devices would be cool (i.e. E71, N97, E90, the new Surge, E61i, E75) to see which one gets the user to enter more words in a single minute. It would be cool to know who's the messaging king among Nokias.

  • andyphlipside

    How about an article about going from a freshly unboxed N97 to a “fully connected” setup, which makes the most of combining the various apps that do actually talk to each other and work with online services, so you could cover:
    * the Music Store talking to Music Player talking to Podcasting appearing on the Home Screen for all your audio needs;
    * the Camera with Photo Gallery and Share Online (along with downloading images from a web browser – that's harder than it should be I'm sure) working together with Flickr/Ovi for media sharing;
    * there's email working with the Home Screen and Contacts and so on….
    I'm sure something could be added in about Ovi services in general, though I feel the focus should be for the connected individual on the move, rather than working with a laptop or PC elsewhere.

  • sellaf

    Guide to optimizing the phone for different scenarios, not everyone wants to use it for _everything_ :D

  • g3n3r4tion

    infos if the n97 is able to become dlna certified later

  • Storba

    I'd like to see a top 10 list of best free games on N97.

  • Mike Macias

    If I told you I'd have to kill you.

  • magic_man

    I was very much surprised that my n97 doesn't have slide to unlock by default nor password protect on slide lock like iphone does… this app also doesn't have password protect, just slide right?
    A good/useful topic for n97 would be on how to change a menu background (not desktop background) or format whole phone (phone memory and storage) and fresh install.

  • Sal

    How about a change where the widgets are now on the homepage of the n97. You can only put 5 widgets now but if there would be a scroll option you could put as many widgets as you want to and just scroll up and down.

  • Sal

    How about a scrollable widget section? You are now only limited to add 5. If it would be scroll you can have as many widgets as you like on the home screen on the N97.

  • Rob

    I would like to see an article about the top things that you guys would like to see in the future of the N97.

  • Amir B

    I'll do a post on this very shortly, stay tuned!

  • hardiss

    since i've just had my first multimedia cellphone – n97 of course, i just want to fill my phone with apps that are useful.
    actually, i am searching for antivirus but i can hardly find it.
    you know it's so difficult to find it..
    thank you..

  • Daniel LL.

    Hi, very interessting contest and application; Thanks to the blog owner for thjat and good luck for me!

  • Mike Macias


    Lots of more apps will be featured here really soon. To be honest with you, I don't think the N97 needs an antivirus software, Symbian S60 is very secure unless you blatantly give permission for something bad to be installed. But, if you really need something I believe F-Secure makes some software.

  • Fakhre

    Don't have N97, But like to win this … !

  • Mike Macias

    Very good idea. I have an article about web feeds here at the blog, hopefully that helps you. To upload from my N97 to twitter and facebook I use something called Pixelpipe which can be found at or in the Ovi Store. Integrates with the gallery/camera app. I'll write an article about it soon.

  • bayram

    Win A Copy of nUnlock, the “Slide To Unlock” App For Nokia N97 & 5800xm

  • rdriessen

    I'd like to see an article about the 'business' side of the N97. Yes, Nokia has great phones in the E-series range, but for those like me who bought the N97 for the social-media and entertainment side, it might be an eye opener to see how the N97 can also be a great asset businesswise. Having said that: I'd love to see links to alternatives for Quickoffice and Adobe Reader.

  • tiger_eye888

    Hope I am in time for the contest… I have actually downloaded the app before you reviewed it cos I did a serch on google and found it a few weeks ago :-) It is a great app :-) Found out that a lot of phones from China uses that app or a similar one for their touch screen to slide to unlock :-) Do continue with the good work and would love to see more apps and phone utilities reviewed here for N97 :-)


  • Mike Macias

    Yes u are in time. Only a few hours left.

  • Tomasz Nowacki

    Hmm I would like to get links to websites where i can get new free apps for my n97. Also i would love N gage reviews

  • Mike Macias

    Ok folks!

    The contest is now over and closed. The winners will be posted this evening. Thanks to all who participated and left their ideas.

    Good Luck!

  • Amir B

    I'll make a post on this before the week is over!

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  • slim2009

    c'est une application tres interessante

  • suthesan

    Hi, Thanks for web team.Nice website to explorer and get help for n97 question is,
    its that any way we can create our own widgets for n97?

  • suthesan

    Hi, Thanks for web team.Nice website to explorer and get help for n97 question is,
    its that any way we can create our own widgets for n97?

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