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In this guide, we will show you how to unbrand your N97 in order to get rid of those pesky carrier traces left on your phone and be able to update to newer firmwares much faster.


(you can follow the author on twitter: Most people using Gmail have set Nokia Messaging to access their account since the built in email software is just plain horrible:  not only is it slow &  doesn’t always update on time, it has no html support and no kinetic scrolling- or scrolling whatsoever while the [...]


Free App: Quick Online Searches With iSearch Widget

August 18, 2009

(you can follow the author on twitter: A few weeks ago, I posted an entry concerning’s great utility widget,  Deviceinfo 2.0, which you can read here. Today I would like you all to  meet iSearch 1.1.

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Google Reader Widget For The N97

August 10, 2009

(you can follow the author on twitter: This morning, while erring on the net, relentlessly looking for something new to install on my Nokia N97, I stumbled upon this new Google Reader widget. For those of you who aren’t very familiar with Google Reader, let me briefly explain what it is and what it [...]

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How To: Set Up Ovi Files On The Nokia N97

July 23, 2009

(you can follow the author on twitter: Since Ovi Files became free recently, I’ve decided to write up a quick “How to” for those of you who are curious to see what it looks like or simply too lazy to try it out themselves! The idea behind Ovi Files is simple: to be truly [...]

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DeviceInfo Widget: All of your N97′s Useful Information In One Place

July 18, 2009

Most of the important and useful information concerning your phone (IMEI, firmware version, MAC number, storage space) are already on your phone but are often either buried deep into the settings menu or are accessible by typing codes (for example *#06# for IMEI number of #0000# for the firmware settings). The new DeviceInfo widget is [...]

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