App Update: nUnlock Gives Your N97 Slide To Unlock & A Custom Screensaver

by Mike Macias on February 10, 2010

Last year we showed you the first version of nUnlock, a popular “slide to unlock” application for the Nokia N97. Tap the menu key then slide your finger over the screen to unlock your device. You can also tap the screen to see the time, date, signal bars, and other notifications as shown in the screenshot. You can also customize the background to an image of your choice.

If you’ve already tried nUnlock in the past, here is what has been updated:

  • hide everything in the homescreen except the slider — to get a clear background
  • option to enable/disable the unlock beep sound

Developer description:

The coolest homescreen ever for your Nokia. See everything you need at first glance: easy-to-read time display, indicators of your phone status. Then, unlock your phone with one smooth slide. background image, font color… Completely configurable!


nunlock-setting choose background: choose an image file from your phone’s any directory as the application’s background.
slider sensitivity: how easy you can slide to “unlock” the phone.
font color: sixteen different colors to set the color of time,date and phone information.
transparency: set the slide area´s transparency.
date format: how the month, day displays.
time format: the time will be formatted in 24-hour format, or in 12-hour format.
text display: customize your own message that displayed at the right of the block.
autostart: start automatically with phone boot, hide from the task list.
autolock: automatically lock the phone after a specified timeout.

nUnlock is a commercial application going for $4.99 or 3.49 euros. If you like the look of the screensaver and the idea of unlocking your N97 like the iPhone then it’s worth the price.

Click here to try out nUnlock on your Nokia N97.

  • MajorDouble7

    Great article, Mike! Thanks for the heads-up and keeping us updated on cool apps.

    A good friend of mine just bought an iPhone (he's a real Apple nut), and we're always trashing each other over our phones. I'm thinking that buying the nUnlock app and changing the 'Slide to Unlock' text to 'iPhone Blows' is going to be well worth the price of this little app…yep, I think I'm going for it.

    MD 7

  • Mike Macias

    HAHAHA good one. then tell him to customize his to say “n97 blows”. I bet he
    won't be able to LOL

  • MajorDouble7

    Hahaha, good point. Oh yeah, I'm getting it for sure now.

    MD 7

  • Tim N

    this is a nice little app, i love it

  • compact flash

    You can also customize the background to an image of your choice.

  • Arthuro

    THE BLOG IS DYING!!!!! No NEWS…. Skype fron N97 not interesting?

  • Mike Macias

    NOT dying! I've been meaning to post that. The article is almost ready,
    coming soon!

  • MajorDouble7

    As one of the writers, I have to say that I have been taking a particularly
    long time in coming out with my next article…I guess there are just more
    important things going on right now!

    Hint on next article: it has nothing to do with Newtonian Physics

    MD 7

    ——- Original message ——-

  • ranroy21q

    Looks like a pretty nifty software I must say

  • DJ Boon

    i’ll just remain to use the lock slider on the left of the device . i don’t use my N97 a lot only when i am somewhere my iphone 4 or lg optimus attract to much wrong minded attention .

    no phone is perfect but regarding apps i only use free apps

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