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Writers Wanted

We are looking for a few Nokia N97 owners – or prospective owners who would like to write routine articles here at N97 Fanatics. It’s a great way to get your name out and get a chance to try unreleased applications. Other perks may include full licenses for application reviews and on rare occasions accessory reviews.



  • http://twitter.com/MHlongwane Madoda Hlongwane

    Hi, you email contact@n97fanatics.com is not working. I keep on getting message not delivered. I wanted to enter the Writers Wanted thinging.


  • Name


  • Name

    I cant seem to keep a steady connection on the phone. Any help will do?

  • Mauricio

    My Nokia N97 turns off automatically during its usage.

    This is disturbing me a lot.

    Does anyone have experienced this problem? Is it a problem of configuration?

  • jasonsouthgate

    Hi what a great site, I have had my N97 for 3 months or so and very happy with the phone.

    I have two problems with it 1/ the camera cover has scratched the lens screen and therefore when I take a mid distance photo in dim conditions, where flash is required I get a line in the picture which is very annoying. 2/ I’m one of those who can not get the V12 as I am on Vodafone.

    With regards to the first point I have contacted my local Nokia centre and they have ordered a new camera cover.

    The second points when the new V20 come out this month will it have the V12 incorporated?

    My big questions is and could be obvious is the N900 a better phone than the N97 and would you recommend selling the N97 to buy the N900?

  • jasonsouthgate

    Please reply….

  • putts

    do not get password after 20 hr. registration

  • Name

    don”t get password after 20 hr. register

  • Name

    don”t get password after 20 hr.register

  • anuraggupta

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    reply at oliveivy@gmail.com

  • Name

    HI, i'm using a really old phone and thinking about getting a new Nokia phone~ do u guys recommend N97 over other Nokia phones like 5800, 5230…

    i'm totally new to such a “high tech” phone~ and needing help picking one…

    do i need to upgrade the software very often? and do i need to pay everytime i upgrade it?
    i will use it mainly for music and organizer…
    i will use it in Canada and with a Mac computer~ are they compatible?

    Thanks a MILLION!!!!

  • Rob Brown

    Although the phone is excellent the back up from Nokia is very poor unless you pay £1.50 per min, the instruction book is useless and they won't communicate by e-mail

  • bigkev1

    I'm about to buy a N97, i would like to comfirm that it WILL use Windows Live Messenger and do it well!…

  • bigkev1

    I'm about to buy a N97, i would like to comfirm that it WILL use Windows Live Messenger and do it well!…

  • Rob

    Just received my N97 yesterday. I will be posting as often as I can. About the only thing I have done is get my contacts off of my E61 and put a pic of my son on my Home Screen, of course using the camera function. So far a great handling phone and functional phone. Using in Kuwait at this time.

  • Uese

    I would recommend the N97 for everybody which like to have a nice camera, which need a music player and even use the net. But be aware that the phone might be slower then others, like i phone, Hd2 , google phone ot samsung's Omnia II.

  • rajmalhotra

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  • dudziboy

    hi everyone, can anyone help me on how to put my favorite contacts to the screen? i cant seem to make it work even though i already placed the favorite contacts shortcut on the screen and i already mark my favorite contacts. all i seem to get is a blank short cut screen for the contacts.

  • Cnick163

    great site mike :-)

  • Cnick163

    great site mike :-)

  • DjaRu

    Hello everybody!
    As a N97 mini user and a fanatic texter I am wondering where the special symbols as é è or ç are? There not under the button sym…where are they?
    I hope somebody can help me! Thnx!!

  • JD

    It means the GPRS / Edge connectivity is gone. Or it also denotes a poor connectivity for internet

  • Anonymous

    Nokia N97 is a perfect cellphone ,do you think so ?I like it very much.

  • Keefyward

    yep, can help you with this, if your C memory is getting full, it won’t load your favourite contacts images onto your screen. Delete/move data from C (e-mails are a good source, especially if they contain photos or voice messages) and the images should load when you next re-stare (put home screen to online when it starts up, then offline when you get your images on the contacts shortcut)