A Comprehensive List Of Nokia N97 Firmware 2.0 Changes; Some You Might Not Have Noticed

by Mike Macias on November 4, 2009

Hi folks! Now that the highly anticipated Nokia N97 firmware 2.0 has been out for almost a week, we thought it would be a good time to go over the firmware and point out some of the additions, subtractions, & changes that we’ve found. Some are hard to notice and others are obviously there right in front of our faces! N97 Fanatics staff member EverythingBlaxx has already talked about many of the changes in his hands on preview he gave early last month. Today we will reiterate some of those changes & go over a few more things.

Myself, EverythingBlaxx, & Amir decided to work together on this article to give you a nice long list of bullet points. Take a look at some of the changes we found and see if you have anything to add.

Positive Changes/Additions

  • Option to customize current profile from the shortcut on homescreen.
  • Letters on the dialpad (however, those with European language packs installed won’t get this feature).
  • Systemwide copy/paste from the keyboard (hold down the Shift key while there is highlighted text on the screen will change the softkeys on the side to copy and paste).
  • Tapping on the cover art in the music player will bring up the volume slider.
  • Photo gallery shows the date the image was taken/created if you use the scroll bar on the right (it only shows dd/yyyy however).
  • Not sure if this is new but you no longer have to tap directly on the progress bar on the Now Playing screen of the Music Player to jump around in a song. If you touch in the area between the bar and the title of the song and the artist, you can also jump around during a song/podcast/etc.
  • The clock appears at the top of the web browser when showing the status of a loading page.
  • Phone number type icons (mobile, work, home) fixed in Log.
  • In contacts app details for Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, Ovi, Gizmo, Google, Skype have been added.
  • New icons for the default themes (ie: Videos&TV, …)
  • New homescreen widget: “WLAN wizard”
  • When scrolling in Contacts/Music lists using the bar on the right, letters will appear, ala Apple iPhone.
  • Album art in music lists.
  • Podcast library in the Music Player sorts episodes by podcast.
  • Speed in the messaging application has considerably increased, I don’t have to wait 2 seconds to reply to a text
  • The photo layout is a lot better now, thumbnails load faster it seems.
  • Long-press keys to get secondary functions.
  • Ovi Store application & page loading seems to be much faster and smooth; also new content has been added.
  • You can now move the clock/date widget anywhere on the homescreen.
  • SIP/Voip settings have been added. Use this tutorial to get it working on your Nokia N97 (we will cover this more extensively in the near future).

Negative Changes

  • Vibrating alerts have decreased in strength and length. Instead of 2 vibes for a text message, I get one very brief one that I usually can’t feel
  • Pressing “Back” in music player now minimizes the app instead of going back to song list. To avoid the Back button from hiding the Music Player, make sure you launch the Music Player via this method: Menu -> Music -> Music Library.
  • Despite the UDP feature that’s supposed to leave your settings intact when upgrading firmware, it seems to have ERASED playlists.
  • Automatic Updates settings for Web RSS Feeds are being erased every time you reboot the phone. Keep this in mind if you’re using the rss widget on your homescreen. Firmware Developers said they would look into this issue because they didn’t notice it.

Did you notice some of these changes? Have we missed anything? We’re looking forward to reading some of your comments. Be sure to give us your overall thoughts on the new firmware.

video in top right by tehkseven.

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