2 Great N97 Themes, “Lake” Makes Your Smartphone Look Like iPad

by Mike Macias on May 12, 2010

It’s been awhile since a Symbian S60 theme artist came up with something new that I really like. TehkSeven Jon has always been my favorite but he hasn’t made a Symbian theme in a long time. Damn I miss those! I recently came across Lake Theme by Larsson which resembles the iPad them found on Apple’s hot new gimic gadget. At first I was a little hesitant but now I’m glad I tried it out. Check out some screenshots that I tweeted about yesterday…

iPad N97 theme “Lake” menu icons:

and a screenshot of my homescreen with the Lake theme:

Click here to download Lake theme.

The second theme I wanted to mention is called Pure. This is also by Larsson. It’s rather unique in that it uses bring greens, pinkish purples, and blues. The battery and signal meters are customized and I just love how much it changes the look of the rather boring Symbian S60 UI. This isn’t a theme I would keep on my phone for a long time, but it’s fun to look at every now and then. Check it out…

Click here to download Pure.

  • http://www.khrissa.com/ kdb

    I like!

  • http://www.khrissa.com/ kdb

    I like!

  • Dan Sharp

    Hi Mike, In the shot of your homescreen with the lake theme you have a widget showing 'links expire', is this like a now/next calendar widget? If so which one are you using? I have a 'coming next' widget but it always has a black background! :(

  • http://www.n97fanatics.com Mike Macias

    Hi Dan,

    I've tried the “coming next” widget and it is useful, but the black
    background bothers me. The one in the screenshot is just the standard
    calendar widget that comes built in. I had an all-day event yesterday that
    showed up right there.

  • Rich C

    I really like the lake theme except for one really annoying “feature”. With the native browser while pages are loading in portrait mode, it seems to jumble together page titles, connection icons, the loading bar, battery meter and bytes transferred. Other than that, this skin is awesome.

  • denis

    i agree. whole theme is simply perfect. but browsing in the portrait mode is a bit frustrating because you dont see if the page is loading, status etc. will this be fixed?

  • http://twitter.com/deba1602 Deba

    I like the Lake Theme on N97. Except that the default background image (wallpaper) seems to have a scratch on it.. Is it possible to have that rectified?

  • Rich C

    The bubbles incoming call splash screen is also kind of weird, but I could put up with that if not for the browser issue.

  • whiteboyshady

    bro id really appreciate it if u tell me where i can make legit themes like this ?? thnx

  • X Man13400


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